13 Cool spray bottle DIY projects

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  1. Butterfly Coffee Filters

    Butterfly Coffee Filters

    This is such a simple little craft and the children love both the process and the results which make perfect gifts for so many occasions...

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  2. Coffee Filter Butterflies

    Coffee Filter Butterflies

    Sometimes the best crafts are made in the most simple of ways. This is one of those crafts! All you need is a coffee filter,...

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  3. Homemade Lantern Decoration

    Homemade Lantern Decoration

    Have fun decorating paper lanterns for with all sorts of creative processes and to suit your chosen color scheme, whether it be for Christmas, a...

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  4. Spray Paint Cards

    Spray Paint Cards

    Spray paint your hand or different shapes for a cool sensory experience and a unique card.

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  5. Spray Bottle & Watercolor

    Spray Bottle & Watercolor

    We've written about the joys of spray bottles on a summer day, and about painting with Koolaid. I decided to try to combine these two...

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  6. Starburst Symmetry

    Starburst Symmetry

    What do a bike wheel, a starfish, and a cake have in common? They all have a special kind of symmetry – a symmetry in...

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  7. Spray Bottle + Water = Fun!

    Spray Bottle + Water = Fun!

    We're going through a heat wave right now. Any excuse to get outside and get wet seems like a good idea to my kids. ...

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  8. Fizzy Sensory Play

    Fizzy Sensory Play

    Do you have a little one who...

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  9. DIY Airbrush T-shirt

    DIY Airbrush T-shirt

    We have been wanting to try our own airbrush art. What better canvas to use then a t-shirt my daughter can proudly wear!

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  10. Rainy Day Art Picnic

    Rainy Day Art Picnic

    Rain, rain, go away! Don't let the gloomy skies ruin your day--bring the sunshine and bright colors indoor with an art picnic. Once your kids'...

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  11. Sprout Sculpture

    Sprout Sculpture

    With spring around the corner, here in California we are beginning to see a lot of plants blooming and sprouting. Making this spout...

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  12. Flowers for Siblings

    Flowers for Siblings

    I made some easy upcycled flower vases from bottles and gave my daughter some flowers to arrange in them. Besides being a fun project for...

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  13. Water Bottle Fish Mobile

    Water Bottle Fish Mobile

    My son had been asking for a mobile for his room after seeing a picture of one Alexander Calder had created. We grabbed some plastic...

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