27 Cool stamping DIY projects

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  1. Finger Stamping

    Finger Stamping

    Unlike with traditional stamps, there are endless possibilities when you stamp with your fingers. Fingerprints can be transformed into tiny animals, landscape images or abstract...

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  2. Clay Stamping

    Clay Stamping

    You can press clay on just about anything to create a unique, one-of-a-kind stamp. Small, flat objects like leaves or flowers are especially beautiful!

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  3. smoosh and stamp pumpkins

    smoosh and stamp pumpkins

    Here's a great Halloween project to do with your child! It's inexpensive, and easy enough for even the youngest child to have fun with.

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  4. How to Make Puffy Cloud Candles

    How to Make Puffy Cloud Candles

    You and your child will have so much fun making these candles! A sure hit at any party.

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  5. Blue Prints

    Blue Prints

    This is a great little project to learn about collage, printmaking and texture. Guaranteed fun!

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  6. Shape Stampede

    Shape Stampede

    Shapes and Stamping are all the rage when it comes to kids having fun while making art. Enjoy!

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  7. Best Friends Day Craft for Kids

    Best Friends Day Craft for Kids

    For Friendship Day your children will have fun making pictures of what they like to do with their best friends. With paper,...

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  8. Do-It-Yourself Dress-Up Wardrobe

    Do-It-Yourself Dress-Up Wardrobe

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  9. Fingerprint Cards

    Fingerprint Cards

    You'll love to make cards using the kidlet's thumbprints which you can turn into some sort of design. It not only let's you capture...

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  10. Polka Dot T-Shirt

    Polka Dot T-Shirt

    My daughter is getting hands on with her back to school wardrobe and it's getting her very excited for that first day of school to...

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  11. Stamped Jeans

    Stamped Jeans

    We are in full back to school prep over here! Re-purposing clothing that still fits is a fun way to get ready. My daughter was...

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  12. Animal Markings

    Animal Markings

    Finding something to paint with other than a paint brush is a great way to experiment and get creative. When we recently discovered a plastic...

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  13. Rubber Band Paint Stamping

    Rubber Band Paint Stamping

    My daughter has been into rubber bands lately. So, I made her a cool stamp to use during her painting times!

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  14. Stamped Garden Gloves

    Stamped Garden Gloves

    These cute garden gloves would make a great Mother's Day gift. My daughter loved stamping the cute little grapes all over the gloves! She asked...

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  15. Stamps and Watercolors

    Stamps and Watercolors

    We love using watercolors over other materials. The result is always so beautiful. On this lovely morning we stamped some cards for family and used...

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