22 Cool stamps DIY projects

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  1. Pressed Tiles

    Pressed Tiles

    These darling tiles have so many uses--put a hole in the top for making a charm, use letters for letter and word games, make a...

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  2. smoosh and stamp pumpkins

    smoosh and stamp pumpkins

    Here's a great Halloween project to do with your child! It's inexpensive, and easy enough for even the youngest child to have fun with.

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  3. How to make a Dad Dish

    How to make a Dad Dish

    With some paint and decoupage you kids will have made a quick easy Father's Day present!

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  4. Lego Stamps

    Lego Stamps

    Stamps are fun, but stamping without stamps...now that's a guaranteed good time! Whenever the stamp pads are out, we always end up experimenting with new...

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  5. 4th of July Rockets

    4th of July Rockets

    Have a fun 4th of July craft for your kids to do where they get to make a ton of really...

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  6. Hand Stamped Memory Game

    Hand Stamped Memory Game

    Kiddos love the game of memory! Why not make your own with stamps?

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  7. Finger Stamping

    Finger Stamping

    Unlike with traditional stamps, there are endless possibilities when you stamp with your fingers. Fingerprints can be transformed into tiny animals, landscape images or abstract...

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  8. Stamps and Watercolors

    Stamps and Watercolors

    We love using watercolors over other materials. The result is always so beautiful. On this lovely morning we stamped some cards for family and used...

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  9. Vintage Spring Coasters

    Vintage Spring Coasters

    Spring activities & decorations are our favorite. These sweet tiles are fun for the kids to make and make the sweetest gift for family and...

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  10. Egg Blocks

    Egg Blocks

    My children and I love to decorate for each and every holiday. I love when we can make our own decor. These egg blocks are...

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  11. Stamped Rock Words

    Stamped Rock Words

    These letter rocks are another way to bring literacy into the home in a fun way. This can become a letter game or a way...

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  12. Card Making with Stamps

    Card Making with Stamps

    Want to tell Grandma "Thanks!" for the new bike? Or wish a classmate "Happy Birthday"? Encourage kids to put a "stamp"on their own custom-made cards...

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  13. Stamp Pad & Eraser Art

    Stamp Pad & Eraser Art

    My kid loved getting creative with this stamp pad and eraser art project--and I loved the low-mess factor. Stencils or cookie cutters can be used...

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  14. Storytelling with Stamps

    Storytelling with Stamps

    Stamps are an endless source of creativity. They can be used to make cards, create a picture or keep kids busy on a rainy day....

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  15. Name Stamp

    Name Stamp

    My daughter is all about writing her name, learning letters, recognizing letters together, and pretty much anything having to do with the alphabet! Yes, she's...

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