13 Cool stencil DIY projects

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  1. Sea Creature Banner

    Sea Creature Banner

    To celebrate summer and sunshine, create a sea creatures banner to hang up and enjoy! You can get a little joy...

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  2. Stained Glass Fairy Suncatcher

    Stained Glass Fairy Suncatcher

    Make a fairy suncatcher for your window and with the simplest “stained glass” suncatcher technique. Your kiddos will have so much fun creating these colorful,...

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  3. How to make a Dad Dish

    How to make a Dad Dish

    With some paint and decoupage you kids will have made a quick easy Father's Day present!

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  4. Fancy Leggings

    Fancy Leggings

    It's easy to take a pair of plain leggings or a t-shirt up a notch with a little fabric paint and a cool stencil. My...

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  5. Reverse Stencil Treasure Bag

    Reverse Stencil Treasure Bag

    I love that children consider so many things treasures. It's very sweet and innocent. My daughter collects treasures everywhere she goes so we decided to...

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  6. Holiday Apron

    Holiday Apron

    Not only is baking with your child a fun way to spend time together, it's also a great way to help teach him or her...

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  7. Stamp Pad & Eraser Art

    Stamp Pad & Eraser Art

    My kid loved getting creative with this stamp pad and eraser art project--and I loved the low-mess factor. Stencils or cookie cutters can be used...

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  8. Layered Heart Collages

    Layered Heart Collages

    This fun project was such a hit. It involves several mediums that merge together to form a beautiful collage.

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  9. Fabric Crayon Reverse Stencil Totes

    Fabric Crayon Reverse Stencil Totes

    Decorate your own tote bag with some fun fabric crayons.  The kids...

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  10. Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

    Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

    With a few basics like popsicle sticks & sequins, this has been one of our favorite holiday crafts to do - very colorful and very...

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  11. Torn Paper Hearts

    Torn Paper Hearts

    A quick and fun way to make a unique heart collage utilizing various fine motor skills.

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  12. Confetti Heart Art

    Confetti Heart Art

    Our kids love making a mess, so we jumped at the chance to make a confetti bomb art project. If you are anything like...

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  13. Lollipop Mouse Valentines

    Lollipop Mouse Valentines

    We love making homemade valentines for Valentine's Day! The kids always have so much fun coming up with a creative craft and making something...

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