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  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Cards

    Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Cards

    Learning about the stars and constellations is fun. But you know what makes it more fun? Glow in the dark paint! My kids made these...

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  2. While away the days of summer.... with an Air Tent!

    While away the days of summer.... with an Air Tent!

    Take a vacation in your backyard, front yard or living room with a nifty hideaway made from two sheets and an electric fan.

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  3. Glitter Star Jars

    Glitter Star Jars

    These mason jars filled with glitter and glow-in-the-dark stars are fun to make. Sparkly by day and glowing at night, your child will enjoy this...

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  4. Glow Paint + Jar = Glow Lantern

    Glow Paint + Jar = Glow Lantern

    My children think anything that glows is the coolest thing ever...and I think I agree! When I recently came across some glow-in-the-dark paint at the...

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  5. Glow Sticks and Balloons

    Glow Sticks and Balloons

    Winter solstice means long hours of indoor activities or finding creative ways to play in the dark.

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  6. Phases of the Moon

    Phases of the Moon

    Learn about why the moon appears to change shape as it rotates around the Earth.

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  7. Plastic Egg Fireflies

    Plastic Egg Fireflies

    These little fireflies are very simple to make with very little tools involved. The best part: with some LED lights they flicker just like real...

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  8. Number Stars Flashlight Game

    Number Stars Flashlight Game

    My 3 year old is learning to recognize numbers up to 20. We found a fun way to practice, with a bonus: it...

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  9. Tissue Paper Night-Lights

    Tissue Paper Night-Lights

    Create a design-it-yourself night-light using everyday materials and a spark of creativity.

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  10. Camping Craft: Mason Jar Lights

    Camping Craft: Mason Jar Lights

    This is an easy and fun craft to take along when you go camping, or to brighten up any summer night. Colorful tape over...

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  11. Glowing Fishbowl

    Glowing Fishbowl

    For this project, I was inspired by a glass bowl that I had at home that kind of looked like a fishbowl. The idea of...

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  12. Silly Moustache Straws

    Silly Moustache Straws

    Straws + black construction paper moustaches = Fun!

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  13. Texture Tots!

    Texture Tots!

    Such great texture! Theae paintings are great. A wonderful idea to create a different type of painting experience for your kiddos!

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  14. Wood Ornaments Coloured with Sharpies

    Wood Ornaments Coloured with Sharpies

    Create these beautiful Christmas ornaments that are so easy and fun to make with your kids. You can cherish them for years to come and...

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  15. Let's Build a Flashlight

    Let's Build a Flashlight

    This little boredom buster is quick and easy to set up using just a flashlight from the dollar store! It's perfect for older kids who...

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