52 Cool toddler DIY projects

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  1. Toddler Science Experiment

    Toddler Science Experiment

    Let your toddler become a scientist, practice fine motor skills, and play with water--all with this simple science activity!

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  2. Paper Bead Necklace

    Paper Bead Necklace

    It's super simple to make paper beads! Here, we add a toddler twist: making bigger beads for a colorful paper bead necklace.

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  3. Painting on the Fence for Toddlers

    Painting on the Fence for Toddlers

    Head outside to do some painting with your toddler. It's fun for them and the clean up is easy for the grown-ups. Just hose off...

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  4. Cotton Cherry Blossom Painting

    Cotton Cherry Blossom Painting

    In our neighborhood, we have beautiful cherry blossom trees. It is my favorite part of spring to see the beautiful pink flowers appear. I made...

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  5. Paper Plate Snail

    Paper Plate Snail

    This simple paper plate snail craft is the perfect way to let your child show his creativity.

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  6. Hidden Snowball Game

    Hidden Snowball Game

    You and your toddler will have a blast playing this homemade Hidden Snowball Game together!

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  7. Rock Box

    Rock Box

    My two-year-old loves to collect rocks. He finds them just about everywhere we go and must bring them home. I decided he needed a place...

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  8. Frog Pond Water Play

    Frog Pond Water Play

    Put a fun twist on water play this Summer with a DIY Frog Pond!

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  9. Paper Plate Sea Animals

    Paper Plate Sea Animals

    This is a great craft for little toddler hands. My two-year-old just loves using dot painters and he is a big fan of sea creatures,...

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  10. Matching Colors Tree Art

    Matching Colors Tree Art

    My two-year-old is into matching colors right now. I created this fun tree art for him to have fun with matching and gaining confidence in...

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  11. Flour + Baby Oil = Cloud Dough

    Flour + Baby Oil = Cloud Dough

    The name of this dough fascinated O. The ease of making it fascinated me. Just mix baby oil and flour in a 1:8 ratio-- we...

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  12. Send a Hug

    Send a Hug

    Make someone's day by sending them this homemade "hug" in the mail.

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  13. Shaving Cream Paint

    Shaving Cream Paint

    I don't know a child that does not love to play with shaving cream. To put a little twist on our normal shaving cream play...

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  14. Fishing for Letters

    Fishing for Letters

    We are having so much fun playing and learning with letters! Today we fished for letters and letter sounds.

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  15. Play Dough Monsters

    Play Dough Monsters

    Monsters don't always have to be scary! My girls and I love to make these silly, not-so-scary play dough monsters whenever we get out our...

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