15 Cool travel DIY projects

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  1. How to Update a Vintage Suitcase

    How to Update a Vintage Suitcase

    Get out your old luggage! It's time to spruce it up make it fun, and get creative with your little one!

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  2. Peekaboo Travel Game

    Peekaboo Travel Game

    Create a simple, travel-handy Peekaboo Game which is easy to whip up and keep kids busy while on the road. Let them find the random...

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  3. Summer Seashell Treasures

    Summer Seashell Treasures

    I love watching my children collect beautiful pieces of nature...especially at the beach! Seashells are so special and when the kids add some personal touches...

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  4. Seashell Friends

    Seashell Friends

    Adding silly faces got my kids giggling...a lot! They named their new little seashell friends and even made them each a little home in some...

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  5. Dry Erase Backseat Activity

    Dry Erase Backseat Activity

    Here's an easy idea for traveling in the car and entertaining kids. Give them some washable dry erase markers and a glove or mitten, and...

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  6. DIY Lacing Cards

    DIY Lacing Cards

    My 3 year old daughter loves to "sew", so we whipped up these quick lacing cards. That way, she can sew little dresses anytime she...

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  7. Vacation Jars

    Vacation Jars

    We always seem to leave a vacation with a collection of treasures to remember our trip with. We decided to keep these treasures in jars...

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  8. Dry Erase Coloring Book

    Dry Erase Coloring Book

    Need an activity when going traveling? Try this is a reusable and portable dry erase coloring book made from...

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  9. On-the-Go I Spy

    On-the-Go I Spy

    My kids love to play I Spy! It is great for keeping us busy when we are waiting somewhere or standing in line. Lately, Natalie...

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  10. Travel Tic Tac Toe

    Travel Tic Tac Toe

    Make your own travel Tic Tac Toe set! It is fun to play and easy to grab and take with you on your way out...

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  11. Backseat Travel Game

    Backseat Travel Game

    Here's a super easy idea for a long car ride! Sticky paper on the windows, some markers and blank cards and your junior artists are...

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  12. Beach Memento Wind Chime

    Beach Memento Wind Chime

    With a few simple materials, you can create this lovely wind chime from your beach memories. It will serve as a reminder of the...

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  13. I Spy Books

    I Spy Books

    My 5 year old is in love with I spy books. He loves playing the game in the car, checking out any hidden object book...

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  14. Dry-erase Travel Books

    Dry-erase Travel Books

    Traveling with kids often involves long car rides, which almost always leads to bored kids. Creating travel books with dry erase pages was a great...

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  15. Portable Doll Dress-up Board

    Portable Doll Dress-up Board

    My three-year-old is coming into her own when it comes to fashion and dressing herself and having an opinion about what she wears. So we...

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