29 Cool tree DIY projects

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  1. Beaded Ornaments

    Beaded Ornaments

    Make some cute holiday ornaments with easy-to-find craft items! 

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  2. Roll and Decorate Christmas Tree

    Roll and Decorate Christmas Tree

    This fun Christmas game is the perfect way to sneak in a little learning about colors, numbers, counting, and reading a chart.

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  3. Christmas Tree Photo Holders

    Christmas Tree Photo Holders

    Each pretty tree is supported by a matchbox, which contains a little accordion book of pictures. It's a fun craft to send to family and...

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  4. Paper Circle Christmas Trees

    Paper Circle Christmas Trees

    There are so many different ways these trees could be made or decorated. They would also look very neat with some patterned scrap-booking paper or...

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  5. Valentine's Day Tree

    Valentine's Day Tree

    Foster feelings of love and harmony in your home leading up to Valentine's Day with this simple tradition. Countdown the days until February 14th by...

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  6. Tree Jewelry

    Tree Jewelry

    All of the leaves have fallen and our trees were looking a little bare, so we gave them some sparkle with CD's turned tree jewels!...

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  7. Christmas Tree Alphabet Matching

    Christmas Tree Alphabet Matching

    Get into the Christmas spirit and sneak in a little learning with this Christmas tree alphabet matching activity.

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  8. Felt Christmas Tree

    Felt Christmas Tree

    My kiddos love helping me decorate the house for the holidays. When it comes to trimming the tree though, glass ornaments don't always mix well...

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  9. Snow Globes

    Snow Globes

    I love the idea of real DIY snowglobes, but the potential for the water causing a serious mess has always kept me...

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  10. Pine Cone & Pom-Pom Christmas Trees

    Pine Cone & Pom-Pom Christmas Trees

    This is an oldie but a goodie--making Christmas trees out of pine cones and pom-poms.

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  11. Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree

    Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree

    Homemade Christmas cards are so fun to give and receive. I love seeing what my kids can create. This tree is a new favorite of...

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  12. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

    Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

    Make merry this season with a tree to call your own. This pint-sized pine was inspired by the tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas, which...

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  13. Pond Play Dough

    Pond Play Dough

    I try to create different scents and colors of play dough that go along with things we are learning. This week, my daughter's class is...

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  14. Quilled Christmas Tree

    Quilled Christmas Tree

    Quilling is one of those fantastic arts that is so pretty and showy, but is simple and can be done beautifully by children.

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  15. Christmas Tree Color Matching

    Christmas Tree Color Matching

    Trim the Christmas trees with colored "ornaments"--and hone your sorting and matching skills while you're at it!

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