9 Cool twigs DIY projects

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  1. Glue Batik Father's Day Banner

    Glue Batik Father's Day Banner

    Make Father’s Day garden banners to celebrate Daddy and Grandpa!

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  2. How to Make Mini Teepees/Tipi

    How to Make Mini Teepees/Tipi

    Here's a great craft for your children to create and learn about  Indian villages. They'll love making them while working on their fine motor skills....

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  3. Fall Leaf Finger Puppets

    Fall Leaf Finger Puppets

    When fall arrives, get the kids together and head outside to collect some of those colorful falling leaves to make these finger fun puppets!

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  4. Stick Easel

    Stick Easel

    We like this one very much... should it go with Daddy to work for holding art and cards, or should it go on top of...

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  5. Teeny-Tiny Fairy Door

    Teeny-Tiny Fairy Door

    We just love fairies in our house. They are so magical and sweet. This love makes for many fairy-related crafts. We've made fairy doors in...

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  6. Shoe Box Fairy House

    Shoe Box Fairy House

    Make a super easy fairy house and magical garden for hours of pretend play fun.

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  7. Cotton Pussy Willows

    Cotton Pussy Willows

    Pussy Willows are one of the first signs of spring. Since we don't have a blooming tree nearby, we made some of our own!

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  8. Twig Holiday Ornament

    Twig Holiday Ornament

    Create a nature-inspired holiday ornament for decorating the tree or giving to a loved one with the help of twigs from the yard and a...

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  9. Pom Pom Snowman

    Pom Pom Snowman

    Bring your favorite snowy activity indoors. With some yarn, beads, and cardboard you can create your very own snowman ornament friends that...

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