13 Cool two ingredient tuesday DIY projects

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  1. Popsicle Sticks & Masking Tape

    Popsicle Sticks & Masking Tape

    I find that if I give my nephews tape and almost any other material, they can come up with some pretty cool stuff all on...

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  2. Easy Kool-Aid Painting

    Easy Kool-Aid Painting

    Here's an edible painting medium to try: for some scratch n sniff painting fun, just mix a high concentration of KoolAid with a little water...

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  3. Tin Foil Monster Truck Rally

    Tin Foil Monster Truck Rally

    My 6-year-old has been obsessed with trucks since before he could talk, which has led to a truly impressive collection of small-scale vehicles. In fact,...

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  4. Grass Seed + Sponge

    Grass Seed + Sponge

    This simple way of growing a garden with your kids is perfect homes with limited outdoor space. All you need is a handful of grass...

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  5. Comb + Hair = Bending Water!

    Comb + Hair = Bending Water!

    With the help of static electricity, it's a cinch to bend a stream of water!

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  6. Paper Doll Chain

    Paper Doll Chain

    Did you ever make paper dolls when you were a kid (or maybe you still make them!)? To bring this easy project to life, all...

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  7. "Fix That Doodle!" Game

    Waiting for food to arrive is torture for my kids. When we eat out, the kids usually finish the activities on the kids' menu in...

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  8. Sticks + Yarn = Nature Star

    Sticks + Yarn = Nature Star

    Nature walks are so important to my family; we try to go for a walk every day, rain or shine. We usually bring baskets and...

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  9. Balloon + Penny = Coin Spinner (or Atom Smasher)

    Balloon + Penny = Coin Spinner (or Atom Smasher)

    Chemistry has played an important part in my life as Chemistry major and high school teacher. While particle accelerators, discovering elements, and Higgs Bosons...

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  10. Shaving Cream and Food Coloring

    Shaving Cream and Food Coloring

    I've seen shaving cream sensory tables at my daughter's preschool and on almost all of my favorite kids' craft blogs, but we've never actually tried...

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  11. Banana Ice Cream

    Banana Ice Cream

    Truth be told, this is really ONE INGREDIENT ice cream, so I'm cheating a bit to sneak it on a Two Ingredient Tuesday. But it...

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  12. Post-Its + Markers = Post-It Note Walk

    Post-Its + Markers = Post-It Note Walk

    If your kids are anything like mine, they adore being outside. And being a creative soul, I'm always searching for ways to merge our creative...

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  13. Paper Puppets

    Paper Puppets

    Create a puppet out of a single sheet of paper! Decorate it to become any character or animal that you want. The possibilities are endless...

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