20 Cool under the sea DIY projects

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  1. "Go Fishing" Bookmark

    Dr. Seuss said it best: "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll...

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  2. Beach Memento Wind Chime

    Beach Memento Wind Chime

    With a few simple materials, you can create this lovely wind chime from your beach memories. It will serve as a reminder of the...

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  3. Jeweled Turtle

    Jeweled Turtle

    A turtle shell covered in jewels sounds pretty magical. After hearing a story about such a fancy turtle we decided to make our own sparkling...

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  4. Shiny Whale

    Shiny Whale

    Foil is such a fun canvas for children to use in art. I think that's probably because it makes fun, shiny art! We decided a...

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  5. Clay Sea Friends

    Clay Sea Friends

    Oven-bake clay is so versatile. This time, we used it with some candy molds to make sea creature charms.

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  6. Seashell Friends

    Seashell Friends

    Adding silly faces got my kids giggling...a lot! They named their new little seashell friends and even made them each a little home in some...

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  7. Window Aquarium

    Window Aquarium

    A very creative friend gave me this idea when she cut all sorts of sea creatures out of paper with her daughter and turned her...

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  8. Paper Plate Sea Animals

    Paper Plate Sea Animals

    This is a great craft for little toddler hands. My two-year-old just loves using dot painters and he is a big fan of sea creatures,...

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  9. Watercolor Fish

    Watercolor Fish

    I love the way my daughter draws her fish. I had to capture it on one of her beautiful watercolor abstracts. They turned into the...

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  10. Make a Crab Headband

    Make a Crab Headband

    Your children will have so much fun making and wearing this crab headband!

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  11. Starfish Friend

    Starfish Friend

    Who doesn't love a starfish? We made this adorable little guy with clay and colored sand. I never knew colored sand would be so exciting...

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  12. Sandpaper Sand Castle

    Sandpaper Sand Castle

    My kids discovered sand paper and were intrigued. We had to find a use for it and a sand castle was perfect!

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  13. Watercolor Ocean Scene

    Watercolor Ocean Scene

    There is something magical about watercolor pencils. When my children use them they are anticipating the final step the entire time -- the step when...

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  14. Newspaper Collage

    Newspaper Collage

    Sharks? Turtles? An octopus? What resides in your under-the-sea? We used newspaper magazines (with different shades of print) to make a...

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  15. DIY Paintable Pottery Figurines

    DIY Paintable Pottery Figurines

    No need to go to a pottery painting shop! It's easy and quick to make up a few figurines at home. My kids just love...

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