100+ Cool valentines DIY projects

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, which means it’s time to start thinking about Valentine's Day cards for classmates, decorating, and other fun projects. Because what’s more special than something handmade with love and care? Here are the perfect Valentine's Day craft ideas for kids of all ages, from toddlers to tweens. These creative ideas for kids' Valentine’s Day crafts will inspire you and the kids to make gifts for all your loved ones this year.

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  1. Extra Special Valentine's

    Extra Special Valentine's

    This is what we like to call our semi-homemade Valentine. If you don't have a ton of time on your hands this is a great...

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  2. Valentine Mailman Number Matching

    Valentine Mailman Number Matching

    Do you have left over Valentine's Day cards like we do? Have your little mailman "deliver" them and have fun matching numbers too.

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  3. A Sprinkling of Love Throughout the Day

    A Sprinkling of Love Throughout the Day

    On Valentine's day spread these hearts around the house - on pillows, in lunch bags, hidden in shoes and next to favorite toys. A sprinkling...

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  4. Apple Hearts and Yogurt

    Apple Hearts and Yogurt

    This snack might be the easiest treat to make and eat. All you need is an apple and some yogurt of your choice. Use pink...

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  5. Valentine's Jar

    Valentine's Jar

    What's Valentine's Day without the candy? Make the perfect Valentine's Day craft for all the people you love!

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  6. Hand Hearts

    Hand Hearts

    What says "I love you" more than a personal, hand-made Valentine? This is a great craft for your child to express what is in his/her...

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  7. Love Bug

    Love Bug

    Handing out Valentine's cards at school is a time-honored tradition. Class mates and teachers alike will feel especially loved with these kid-made love bugs.

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  8. Warm Fuzzies

    Warm Fuzzies

    Love is in the air for Valentines Day! My kids loved making "warm fuzzies" to give to friends to spread the love this holiday season....

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  9. Homemade Valentine's Day Playdough

    Homemade Valentine's Day Playdough

    Have fun this Valentine's day creating playdough hearts with this colorful play dough. One of our favorite recipes.

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  10. Mosaic Heart

    Mosaic Heart

    My daughter loves to create different kinds of mosaics. We use stickers, gems, or beads. I love seeing her think out the pattern and put...

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  11. Heart-Shaped Popcorn Birdfeeder

    Heart-Shaped Popcorn Birdfeeder

    These pretty little hearts couldn't be more simple to make, and the fact that they will feed the birds will surely make young crafters happy!

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  12. Watercolor Hearts

    Watercolor Hearts

    These hearts were an experiment one afternoon. As we colored some heart cut-outs we added a few drops of water and watched how beautiful the...

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  13. Candy Hugger Cards

    Candy Hugger Cards

    Valentine's Day wouldn’t be complete without chocolate! What better way to celebrate than with these easy cut-out cards...

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  14. Stamp Pad & Eraser Art

    Stamp Pad & Eraser Art

    My kid loved getting creative with this stamp pad and eraser art project--and I loved the low-mess factor. Stencils or cookie cutters can be used...

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  15. Valentine's Clothespin Counting Card

    Valentine's Clothespin Counting Card

    Practice counting with this Valentine's-themed clothespin counting card.

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