21 Cool washi tape DIY projects

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  1. Washi Tape Dolls

    Washi Tape Dolls

    How cute are these little washi tape dolls? I gave my niece a set of washi tape, wooden dolls, and some markers--and she went to...

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  2. Coaster Gift Set

    Coaster Gift Set

    Homemade gifts are really wonderful. My children always take such pride in every gift they make. I love seeing their sweet faces when they have...

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  3. Washi Tape Collage

    Washi Tape Collage

    I have to admit that perhaps this craft wasn't *just* for my daughter... I have been a little obsessed with washi tape lately! Try this...

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  4. DIY Shield & Coat of Arms

    DIY Shield & Coat of Arms

    Did you know that during Medieval times, knights used special designs and pictures on their shields -- called a coat of arms -- to identify...

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  5. Hot Air Balloon Muffins

    Hot Air Balloon Muffins

    Turn breakfast into a flying experience with these muffins that double as hot air balloons. 

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  6. Rock Star Microphone

    Rock Star Microphone

    This microphone was the start to hours of imaginative play for us. I loved seeing my daughter turn into quite the performer right before my...

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  7. Washi Tape Eggs

    Washi Tape Eggs

    Easter egg decorating could not get any simpler than this! We used washi tape. It was pretty easy to do, and the kids loved it!...

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  8. Clothespin Puppets

    Clothespin Puppets

    My daughter made some pretty cool clothespin puppets at camp recently and I just had to give it a try at home with her.

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  9. Fancy Pencils

    Fancy Pencils

    With a little washi tape your kids can create the most stylish pencils around!

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  10. Washi Tape Ornaments

    Washi Tape Ornaments

    Now that the Christmas tree is up at...

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  11. Customized Clipboard

    Customized Clipboard

    My five-year old has been wanting her very own clipboard for awhile now. I think it started after a doctor visit, when her favorite nurse...

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  12. Salt Container Purse

    Salt Container Purse

    My daughter is in love with her new darling little hand bag and loves to tell people what it is made from! Who knew a...

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  13. Vacation Jars

    Vacation Jars

    We always seem to leave a vacation with a collection of treasures to remember our trip with. We decided to keep these treasures in jars...

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  14. Birch Tree Tape Resist Picture

    Birch Tree Tape Resist Picture

    I love the look of birch trees with their white trunks and dark rings—and my daughter loves resist paintings— so I combined our two loves...

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  15. Easter Egg Maracas

    Easter Egg Maracas

    My kids love making noise! I imagine that's why they love rocking out to homemade instruments... These easy-to-make maracas look like papier mache--but without all...

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