300+ Cool water DIY projects

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  1. Water Balloon Yo-yo

    Water Balloon Yo-yo

    When the sun comes out, so does the water! This is a pretty cool activity to do with the kids and only takes a minute....

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  2. Water Blast Game

    Water Blast Game

    Aim and Shoot! Knock all of the ping pong balls off with water to win!

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  3. Sink or Float?

    Sink or Float?

    Will your toy sink or float? This experiment is fun for all ages.

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  4. 7 Fun, Wet Water Balloon Activities

    7 Fun, Wet Water Balloon Activities

    It's summer, it's hot, and the kids are bored. The solution...water balloons! Here are some fun ways to learn and play with water balloons!

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  5. Water Flow Experiment

    Water Flow Experiment

    Is it possible for water to flow in a line that isn't straight? Can it curve along a line? Can it beat gravity?...

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  6. Spray Bottle + Water = Fun!

    Spray Bottle + Water = Fun!

    We're going through a heat wave right now. Any excuse to get outside and get wet seems like a good idea to my kids. ...

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  7. Jellyfish in a Bottle

    Jellyfish in a Bottle

    Make a floating jellyfish in a bottle to play with!

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  8. Water Balloon Piñatas

    Water Balloon Piñatas

    Make a splash with a water balloon piñata!

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  9. Discovery Bottles

    Discovery Bottles

    This is a project that is as fun as it is educational. Discovery bottles are also called science bottles and they allow your child to...

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  10. Paper Plunge Experiment

    Paper Plunge Experiment

    Can you dunk newspaper under water and have it come out dry? Does air take up space? We're always up for a fun...

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  11. Rubber Duck Reading Games

    Rubber Duck Reading Games

    Put those rubber ducks and animal bath toys to good use this summer with fun learning games!

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  12. Water Bead Sensory Play For Toddlers

    Water Bead Sensory Play For Toddlers

    They are cold, smooth, and squishy! Your toddler will love to experiment with water beads!

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  13. Battle of the Bubbles

    Battle of the Bubbles

    Are you ready for some bubbly? I'm talking about making your own bubbles, of course! Around our house, we make bubble solutions pretty often. We...

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  14. Water Wheel

    Water Wheel

    Head outside while it’s still warm and learn about the...

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  15. One-of-a-Kind Bubble Bottle

    One-of-a-Kind Bubble Bottle

    Is there anything more fun for kids than bubbles? Not in my house!--well, at least on this afternoon with with this particular bubble bottle. My...

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