45 Cool water play DIY projects

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  1. Water Flow Experiment

    Water Flow Experiment

    Is it possible for water to flow in a line that isn't straight? Can it curve along a line? Can it beat gravity?...

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  2. Spray Bottle + Water = Fun!

    Spray Bottle + Water = Fun!

    We're going through a heat wave right now. Any excuse to get outside and get wet seems like a good idea to my kids. ...

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  3. Battle of the Bubbles

    Battle of the Bubbles

    Are you ready for some bubbly? I'm talking about making your own bubbles, of course! Around our house, we make bubble solutions pretty often. We...

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  4. Fun in a Mobile Mud Pit!

    Fun in a Mobile Mud Pit!

    Create all day fun for your kids with a mobile mud pit!

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  5. Pom Pom Watering Can

    Pom Pom Watering Can

    Make a colorful and fun pom pom watering can in just a few minutes! 

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  6. Water Bead Sensory Play For Toddlers

    Water Bead Sensory Play For Toddlers

    They are cold, smooth, and squishy! Your toddler will love to experiment with water beads!

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  7. Fishing for Letters

    Fishing for Letters

    We are having so much fun playing and learning with letters! Today we fished for letters and letter sounds.

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  8. Animal Bath Time

    Animal Bath Time

    It's the unexpected surprises that keep life exciting. That's why on a mellow Sunday afternoon, I told my children they could paint their (indoor)...

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  9. Cloud Dough

    Cloud Dough

    This recipe for cloud dough is a treat to squish around and smells so good!

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  10. DIY water-slide

    DIY water-slide

    When the weather is hot, it's perfect for setting up a simple DIY water-slide. Your kids can spend the the whole day slipping and sliding!

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  11. Polly Pool Party

    Polly Pool Party

    Put together another water bin for your kids! It's Polly pool party time!

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  12. 7 Fun, Wet Water Balloon Activities

    7 Fun, Wet Water Balloon Activities

    It's summer, it's hot, and the kids are bored. The solution...water balloons! Here are some fun ways to learn and play with water balloons!

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  13. Little Water Lilies

    Little Water Lilies

    About Monet... with kids ages 3-5 you can talk about Monet and his garden. Ask them about what might be in a garden-flowers, trees, and...

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  14. Lilypad Boats

    Lilypad Boats

    This is a fast, easy, no-mess craft that your kids will love making! Lilypad Boats are so cute and fun to play with.

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  15. Foam Sheet Bath Art

    Foam Sheet Bath Art

    It's so easy to make your own bath toys; all you need are foam sheets and scissors! My five-year-old loved putting the shapes together to...

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