12 Cool watercolor crayons DIY projects

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  1. Self Portrait

    Self Portrait

    This is one of the first projects my daughter did in kindergarten this year: a self-portrait. I was so impressed and touched by this beautiful...

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  2. Watercolor Fish Feet

    Watercolor Fish Feet

    These colorful fish are just as unique as snowflakes! They are created out of your little one's footprints & handprints and blended with watercolor...

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  3. Spring Birds with Watercolor Crayons

    Spring Birds with Watercolor Crayons

    Use water color crayons to create colorful birds.

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  4. Collage Tray Frames

    Collage Tray Frames

    Your little one will really enjoy making these frames, especially painting a picture to put in them!

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  5. Watercolor Crayon Abstract Picture

    Watercolor Crayon Abstract Picture

    Watercolor crayons are fun and easy to use. Have your kiddos try their hands at this easy watercolor crayon abstract picture!

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  6. Mess-Free Egg Decorating

    Mess-Free Egg Decorating

    Avoid the splashy mess of egg dyeing and try these mess-free decorating techniques to create colorful Easter eggs.

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  7. Crayons & Watercolor

    Crayons & Watercolor

    Who can resist wax resist? With just crayons and watercolors, you can explore color mixing, find hidden surprises, and learn about wax resisting water.

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  8. Monster & Creature Straw Paintings

    Monster & Creature Straw Paintings

    Oh, we love to blow paint! This time we were interested to see what sort of creatures we would come up with....

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  9. Abstract Animals

    Abstract Animals

    You can talk with your kids about animal faces and show them books on are four legged friends. Then let your kids get started drawing...

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  10. Paper Shape Dragonflies

    Paper Shape Dragonflies

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  11. Relief Art: Spring Flower Bouquet

    Relief Art: Spring Flower Bouquet

    Relief art is one of our favorites. Combine that with springtime flowers? Well, you can't get much better than that!

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  12. Secret Spy Messages

    Secret Spy Messages

    My oldest son, C, inherited my husband's love for surprises. The two of them could play Hide and Seek for days. They both burst out...

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