30 Cool watercolors DIY projects

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  1. Art Thru A Straw

    Art Thru A Straw

    When the straws come out along with little pieces of scrap watercolor, you have a perfect craft for your little ones to show their love...

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  2. dip-idy doo dah

    dip-idy doo dah

    Your little ones will have a blast dipping away with this fun, colorful craft!

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  3. Watercolor and Painter's Tape

    Watercolor and Painter's Tape

    A couple of easy ingredients and you have a fun activity where your children can express their artistic side! Ain't paint grand?

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  4. Audubon Birds

    Audubon Birds

    It can be Spring all year when creating this craft! For 3-5 year old kids they can focus on birds from the artwork of John...

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  5. Weaving Paintings!

    Weaving Paintings!

    Your little ones will have a great time exploring warm and cool colors with watercolors and weaving!

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  6. Abstract Animals

    Abstract Animals

    You can talk with your kids about animal faces and show them books on are four legged friends. Then let your kids get started drawing...

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  7. Gears!


    What better way to talk to your little ones about industry than machines and gears than while they are creating this visual and intellectually stimulating...

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  8. Pretty Patterned Hearts

    Pretty Patterned Hearts

    Create this handpainted heart garland just in time for Valentine's Day, using a simple list of supplies and a whole lot of creativity!

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  9. Wax-Resist Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Wax-Resist Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Any color crayon will work in wax-resist painting, but a white crayon allows children to write “secret” messages. Just paint over the crayon design and...

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  10. A House for Hermit Crab Craft

    A House for Hermit Crab Craft

    There is something incredibly fascinating about a creature that needs to borrow shell to protect itself and to exchange that shell for a new one ...

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  11. Stamps and Watercolors

    Stamps and Watercolors

    We love using watercolors over other materials. The result is always so beautiful. On this lovely morning we stamped some cards for family and used...

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  12. Kool-Aid Watercolors

    Kool-Aid Watercolors

    What kid wouldn't love to paint with yummy-smelling watercolors? These paints are made in seconds and make some very vibrant paintings that smell great!

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  13. Relief Art: Spring Flower Bouquet

    Relief Art: Spring Flower Bouquet

    Relief art is one of our favorites. Combine that with springtime flowers? Well, you can't get much better than that!

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  14. Salt Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Salt Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Painting with salt is like magic! It’s mesmerizing to watch the paint climb up the salt crystals. Younger kids will be happy drawing abstract designs...

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  15. Liquid Watercolor Flowers

    Liquid Watercolor Flowers

    Watch your child’s face light up as he or she transforms a coffee filter into a beautiful watercolor flower. Making one is so simple and...

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