28 Cool world crafts

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  1. Aztec Codex

    Aztec Codex

    The Aztecs made stories by carving pictures into bark and leather. Make your codex by drawing a few pictures to tell your own story!

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  2. Suminagashi: Marbleized Painting

    Suminagashi: Marbleized Painting

    Suminagashi is a Japanese art where you create your art on water first and transfer it to paper. It is beautiful and very relaxing to...

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  3. Paper Picado

    Paper Picado

    Why not have your children help decorate for special occasions and birthday parties? I love this sweet banner made from bright colored tissue paper. Much...

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  4. Sun Pinata!

    Sun Pinata!

    Create a traditional pinata from flour paste, newspaper and paint.

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  5. Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher

    Dreamcatchers are lovely charms! The net catches bad dreams...while good dreams slide down the feathers to the sleeper below.

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  6. Geometric Mobiles (Himmelis)

    Geometric Mobiles (Himmelis)

    This stunning project is also surprisingly simple to make. Himmelis are geometric mobiles that are used as Finnish Christmas decorations. Traditionally they are made...

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  7. Tanabata Tree

    Tanabata Tree

    Tanabata is a Japanese holiday that is celebrated between July and August around different parts of Japan. This holiday is based on a story...

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  8. Egyptian Amulet

    Egyptian Amulet

    Shall we make The Eye of Horus? Maybe a cat? How about an Ankh, or a scarab beetle??? Decorate an amulet with...

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  9. Russian Piroshki

    Russian Piroshki

    Get a taste of Russia and make some delicious Piroshki with your kids! Piroshki are basically small Russian pastries filled with finely chopped meat...

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  10. Chinese Paper Dragon

    Chinese Paper Dragon

    Chinese dragons!? Hooray! This was one of those projects where I had just barely showed Maddie how to begin, and she took off!...

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  11. Rain Stick

    Rain Stick

    Teach your kids about the importance of rain and the water cycle while they make these colorful, fun-to-make, rain sticks. This is a nice way...

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  12. Asian Paper Lanterns

    Asian Paper Lanterns

    For big festivals like the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (usually August or September) and the Lunar New Year (January or February), kids in some Asian countries...

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  13. Make a Didgeridoo

    Make a Didgeridoo

    Use a mailing tube and some acrylic paints to create these beautiful didgeridoos from Australia.

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  14. Clay Fortune Cookies

    Clay Fortune Cookies

    No Chinese take-out meal is complete without fortune cookies. My older kid eagerly cracks open his cookie to read the fortune--eating the cookie is a...

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  15. Mosaic Indian Elephant

    Mosaic Indian Elephant

    Madeleine wanted to make this elephant on a cloth banner, but it would look so darling on a brightly colored piece of paper!

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