12 Cool wrapping paper DIY projects

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  1. An American Mosaic: Paper Flag Collage

    An American Mosaic: Paper Flag Collage

    To celebrate 4th of July, here's a great craft to get your kiddos in the spirit! Outside of being fun to make, tearing up paper...

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  2. No Sew Mosaic Table Runner

    No Sew Mosaic Table Runner

    Your kids can create and celebrate with this festive table runner in under an hour!

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  3. New Year's Eve Surprise Popper

    New Year's Eve Surprise Popper

    New Year's Eve has never been so fun! These festive poppers are easy to make, and kids love cracking them open to reveal goodies and...

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  4. Slinky Cup Sound Effect

    Slinky Cup Sound Effect

    Can a slinky make noise? Find out with this amplifying project!

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  5. Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes

    Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes

    After you find a few toilet paper tubes and some colorful paint... hit the craft room! In no time, you and your child will have...

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  6. Picture Frame Winter Scene

    Picture Frame Winter Scene

    We painted right on the glass of old picture frames to make some holiday decorations for our home. It was fun for the kids to...

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  7. Paper Roll Elf

    Paper Roll Elf

    We had so much fun making this darling little elf. We have since made an entire elf family. What a fun way to start the...

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  8. Paper Bead Necklace

    Paper Bead Necklace

    It's super simple to make paper beads! Here, we add a toddler twist: making bigger beads for a colorful paper bead necklace.

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  9. Gift Wrapping Kit

    Gift Wrapping Kit

    I was doing a little summer cleaning when I found a box of once-used gift wrapping scraps. I'm not quite sure what I intended...

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  10. Wrapping Paper Snowflakes

    Wrapping Paper Snowflakes

    Cutting snowflakes is a yearly tradition in our home. Preschooler's just learning to cut (well) love it! Providing them with different materials to cut makes...

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  11. Hand-Stamped Book Covers

    Hand-Stamped Book Covers

    As you start preparing your textbooks for back-to-school season, why not also have some DIY fun? With...

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  12. Holiday Puzzle Box

    Holiday Puzzle Box

    Give the gift of entertainment with this holiday puzzle box. Wrap your special someone’s present in this box and...

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