15 Cool writing DIY projects

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  1. Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Here's a quick boredom buster for your wee ones seven and older though some of the younger kids may totally be up to this. They'll...

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  2. Roll and Draw Game

    Roll and Draw Game

    Here's a fun new way to practice pre-writing skills. This game was created to introduce my two-year-old to drawing lines in a fun way, but...

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  3. Straw Quill Pens & Homemade Ink

    Straw Quill Pens & Homemade Ink

    Love new ways to create and write? Easily make your own quill pen out of a drinking straw, and ink made from washable paint.

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  4. Watercolor Bookmarks

    Watercolor Bookmarks

    Bookmarks are a great way to make reading fun and also make a wonderful homemade gift for friends.

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  5. Summer Journal

    Summer Journal

    My daughter kept a journal all year in kindergarten this past school year. I loved the idea and thought it was a great way to...

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  6. Decoding Backwards Secret Messages

    Decoding Backwards Secret Messages

    It's super secret agent time. Have your child use a mirror to decode these backwards messages.

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  7. Name Stamp

    Name Stamp

    My daughter is all about writing her name, learning letters, recognizing letters together, and pretty much anything having to do with the alphabet! Yes, she's...

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  8. Conversation Heart Math

    Conversation Heart Math

    Make math equations fun and festive with conversation hearts for Valentine's Day.

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  9. Sight Word Train

    Sight Word Train

    My son has had a love for trains since he was a baby, and his love for trains hasn't wavered. So you can imagine...

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  10. Shadow Puzzles

    Shadow Puzzles

    This project first originated as a desperate attempt to keep my toddler busy while waiting for our food at a restaurant. Our first shadow...

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  11. Duct Tape Dry Erase Board

    Duct Tape Dry Erase Board

    Another project that demonstrates the magic of duct tape! With just a little help, kids can turn an office-supply staple into their own personal dry-erase...

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  12. Styrofoam Stamps

    Styrofoam Stamps

    We have all kinds of rubber stamps on our art shelves, but we also love making our own--creativity is always welcome in our home! Craft...

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  13. Mitten Match: Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Game

    Mitten Match: Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Game

    Make these easy and colorful paper mittens, then play games that teach your preschooler how to match upper- and lowercase alphabet letters, like hide and...

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  14. Fancy Word Wall

    Fancy Word Wall

    My six-year-old is learning to read and she's excited about that. But she needs some extra practice and lists of sight words were just not...

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  15. Flashlight Word Game

    Flashlight Word Game

    Boring list of sight words for homework? No problem. This flashlight game is way more fun. I came up with this game when my son...

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