Paper + Crayons = Negative Space Drawing

Paper + Crayons = Negative Space Drawing

This simple project was a hit during a recent testing session at Kiwi Crate HQ. Experimenting with negative space (the space around and between objects) bolsters spatial thinking skills--and is just plain fun!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper (with simple shapes cut out, e.g., circles, triangles, squares)
  2. crayons
  1. Provide a sheet of paper (with simple shapes cut out) and some crayons.

  2. Keep this activity open-ended: Invite your kid to draw and see what happens! Older kids may want more direction, in which case you can say it's up to them whether they want to incorporate the shape(s) into a picture or draw whatever else they want. Anya (age 5) created" a kiwi playing with a ball."

  3. Younger kids are often unfazed by the negative space and may require less instruction. They may simply scribble around the shapes or ignore them completely. (If your child is very young, line the workspace with a brown paper bag--just in case!)

    Peter (age 3) did a little of both. At first, he drew around one of the circles. Then he started scribbling across the page. "This is hard work!" he informed me as he colored.

  4. The activity kept Christina (age 3) occupied for a longer time. She carefully drew blue circles around the larger hole, and then added splashes of color. Let us know what your mini Matisse comes up with!