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  1. Paint Stamping with Shaped Cardboard Tubes

    Paint Stamping with Shaped Cardboard Tubes

    Here's a quick, fun, and easy painting craft to do with your kids. All you need are some paints and empty toilet paper tubes! Voila!...

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  2. Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes

    Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes

    After you find a few toilet paper tubes and some colorful paint... hit the craft room! In no time, you and your child will have...

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  3. Tilt-to-Win


    Make your own arcade game with a few simple supplies! 

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  4. Marble Run Fun!

    Marble Run Fun!

    This is a great craft for kids to create and problem-solve as they lay out their marble tracks, test them and make adjustments. Colored masking...

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  5. Feelings Friend

    Feelings Friend

    Create a doll that changes expressions to show different feelings!

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  6. Tipping Fountain

    Tipping Fountain

    With summer in full swing and the sun shining bright,...

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  7. Confetti Launcher

    Confetti Launcher

    There simply is no better way to ring in a new year or celebrate a holiday or a...

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  8. Duct Tape Bracelets

    Duct Tape Bracelets

    These pretty and sparkly bracelets are so easy to make and so fun to wear. This is a great craft to do with just one...

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  9. Bunny Automaton

    Bunny Automaton

    Have a hoppy time with this do-it-yourself bunny automaton. With help from our templates and...

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  10. April Fools Pretend Casts

    April Fools Pretend Casts

    Your kids can play a fun April Fools prank with these easy, 2-ingredient pretend casts. Fool Daddy, Grandma and friends on April 1st by saying,...

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  11. Paper Plate Ring Toss

    Paper Plate Ring Toss

    We recently celebrated my son's 7th birthday with a Carnival themed birthday party. We made all of our own games using materials that we...

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  12. Cardboard Tube Octopus

    Cardboard Tube Octopus

    Sometimes I wish I could buy empty cardboard tube rolls. They are so great for kids' crafts and we use them up as soon as...

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  13. Spider Launcher

    Spider Launcher

    At KiwiCo, we love launchers because they're a super fun way to play with...

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  14. Kaleidoscope


    Explore reflective materials, colors, and patterns with this easy-to-make DIY kaleidoscope! 

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  15. July 4th: Newspaper Pom-Poms

    July 4th: Newspaper Pom-Poms

    Take yer new poms out and go a little rah-rah crazy with your kids. Happy 4th!

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