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  1. Egg Carton Snowman

    Egg Carton Snowman

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  2. Egg Carton Bunny and Chick

    Egg Carton Bunny and Chick

    Put those egg cartons you have kicking around to good use and create some of these cute little Easter critters!

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  3. Egg Carton Totem Pole

    Egg Carton Totem Pole

    We are learning so much about early Native American history in our house. My kids love to learn through crafts so while we were learning...

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  4. Flying Bat Ornaments

    Flying Bat Ornaments

    Creating Halloween crafts with your kids makes all of the scary parts of the season disappear. I know if I see a bat at night,...

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  5. Egg Carton Easter Eggs

    Egg Carton Easter Eggs

    Which came first, the egg carton or the egg? One year I banned plastic eggs from my home and encouraged myself and the kids to...

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  6. Egg Carton Christmas Tree

    Egg Carton Christmas Tree

    I'm always buying cute or fun wooden door decorations to display on our front door during the holidays. But I thought it would be...

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  7. Greater Than and Less Than Gator Puppets

    Greater Than and Less Than Gator Puppets

    We have started exploring math concepts with hands on materials at my house. The latest concept is greater than and less than. We started...

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  8. Egg Carton Bumblebee

    Egg Carton Bumblebee

    This sweet spring bumblebee is made with a recycled egg carton. My kids loved making these cute bees, flying them around the yard, and buzzing...

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  9. Egg Carton Boat

    Egg Carton Boat

    Ahoy there, matey! Get ready to set sail as your kiddo recycles an egg carton and turns it into a six-passenger boat!

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  10. Color Mixing

    Color Mixing

    Create all the colors of the rainbow with this simple and fun color mixing activity.

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  11. Egg Carton Spiders

    Egg Carton Spiders

    A simple spider craft that's great for Halloween, made with egg cartons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and paint! Note that the actual assembly time is...

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  12. Egg Candles

    Egg Candles

    We love to use candles as centerpieces for dinner. With Easter around the corner, what better way to use some common household items...

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  13. Egg Carton Chimes

    Egg Carton Chimes

    With a recycled egg carton we made a nice set of chimes to welcome Spring. We are highly anticipating the blooming flowers and sunny days!...

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  14. Kitty Cat Nose

    Kitty Cat Nose

    This craft is really the cat's meow... There are so many fun uses for an egg carton in art-- this project may be the most...

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  15. Egg Carton Mini Wreath

    Egg Carton Mini Wreath

    We accidentally came upon this sweet wreath craft when playing a stacking game with egg cups. When we had our tallest stack, my daughter shouted...

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