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  1. Self Watering Planter

    Self Watering Planter

    Learn how to water your plantswith just string and a Ziploc® brand sandwich bag! In this project, you’ll run a string from the bag of...

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  2. Wind Powered Car

    Wind Powered Car

    Build a wind-powered car using a Ziploc® brand bag as the sail. You’ll learn about the engineering behind basic vehicles and how different components impact...

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  3. Cabbage Chemistry

    Cabbage Chemistry

    Color your world with cabbage and learn about chemistry! The terms acid and base describe chemical properties of many things we use everyday. An acid...

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  4. Shadow Puppet Theatre

    Shadow Puppet Theatre

    Learn aboutshadows and light! In this project, you’ll put different shapes in a Ziploc® brand sandwich bag and shine a flashlight to stage a shadow...

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  5. Apple Oxidation Experiment

    Apple Oxidation Experiment

    Have you ever noticed that if you slice an apple in the morning, it turns brown by lunch? This is actually a chemical reaction at...

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  6. Gondola


    How can you move something great distances with something as simple as string? In this experiment, you’ll use a Ziploc® brand sandwich bag, string, and...

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  7. Cornstarch Slime

    Cornstarch Slime

    If you’ve ever wondered why it might be hard to get out of quicksand, it’s because it can act like both a liquid and a...

  8. Dancing Sprinkles

    Dancing Sprinkles

    Ever wondered if you can see sound? Well, in this experiment, you’ll use a Ziploc® brand sandwich bag to turn music into motion. It works...

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  9. Playing with Pulleys

    Playing with Pulleys

    Did you ever wonder how elevators move up and down? They use pulleys! A pulley is a simple machine, made from nothing more than a...

  10. Window Greenhouse

    Window Greenhouse

    How do plants grow? In this experiment, you will create a mini greenhouse to learn how plants depend on sunlight and water. Place seeds in...

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  11. Parachute Toy

    Parachute Toy

    Have you ever ridden a bicycle down a hill and felt the wind on your face? Air is all around you. To move through it,...

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  12. Kaleidoscope Symmetry

    Kaleidoscope Symmetry

     A kaleidoscope is a toy that uses light and mirrors to make pretty patterns with symmetrical designs. Symmetry is when two or more parts of...

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  13. Bubble Lamp in a Bag

    Bubble Lamp in a Bag

    Oil and water famously don’t mix well. No matter how much you stir them together, they’ll always separate as oil rises to the top. But...

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  14. Water Flow Experiment in a Bag

    Water Flow Experiment in a Bag

     If you wanted to pour water out of a Ziploc® brand bag into a bowl, where would you put the bowl? Directly under the opening...

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  15. Brazil Nut Effect

    Brazil Nut Effect

    If a Ziploc® brand bag full of nuts is shaken, which pieces will end up at the top? You might guess that the bigger, heavier...

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  16. Water Cycle Bags

    Water Cycle Bags

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  17. Find and Seek ABCs and 123s

    Find and Seek ABCs and 123s

    Get to know your ABCs and 123s! Fill Ziploc® brand sandwich bags with rice, letters, and numbers to create a game of Find and Seek....

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  18. Color Mixing with Slime

    Color Mixing with Slime

    When we think of slime, we think of a super-fun gooey experience. But with the help of Ziploc® brand bags, we can create an awesome...

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  19. Hop Corn

    Hop Corn

    When you put popcorn kernels in water, they sink to the bottom. But with a little kitchen chemistry, we can make them hop to life!...

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  20. Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer

    Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer

    Make your workspace both more tidy and more fun with this Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer! With simple materials, build a Ferris wheel,...

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  21. Craft-Turned-Toy: Self-Inflating Forky

    Craft-Turned-Toy: Self-Inflating Forky

    This Halloween, bring a ghostly version of Forky to life! With a little kitchen chemistry, create a balloon that inflates on its own. It may...

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  22. Space Ranger School with Woody and Buzz

    Space Ranger School with Woody and Buzz

    To infinity and beyond! Woody and Buzz are off to Space Ranger School and are eager to learn how to fly so they can be...

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  23. KiwiCo Crate Castle

    KiwiCo Crate Castle

    Upcycle your box into a castle with a drawbridge!  Make the castle shown here, and then...

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  24. KiwiCo Crate Kitchen

    KiwiCo Crate Kitchen

    Up-cycle your KiwiCo boxes into a play kitchen!  Make a simple stove with an oven door that opens and closes.  A pretend refrigerator will keep...

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  25. KiwiGo Box

    KiwiGo Box

    Transform your KiwiCo box into a KiwiGO box. Pack it with supplies and make awesome art...

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  26. Glowing Bouncy Egg

    Glowing Bouncy Egg

    Can you bounce an egg without breaking its shell?...

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  27. Tricky Thaumatropes

    Tricky Thaumatropes

    Make an optical toy that will fool your eyes and boggle your mind! When you spin a thaumatrope, the pictures on either side seem to...

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  28. Tick-Tock Timer

    Tick-Tock Timer

    When you twist up this timer and let it go, the rubber band starts to unwind and swing a...

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  29. Climbing Sphere Illusion

    Climbing Sphere Illusion

    Mesmerize yourself and others with this amazing illusion. As the slinky twists and spins, it looks like the sphere...

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  30. Mini Trampoline

    Mini Trampoline

    Have you ever seen the magic trick where someone yanks the tablecloth off a table, and all the dishes...

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  31. Pendulum Wave Toy

    Pendulum Wave Toy

    A pendulum is a hanging weight that swings back and forth, like the swinging arm on a grandfather clock...

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  32. Pulled String Paintings

    Pulled String Paintings

    Want to create some art that will surprise you? Create unique pieces of artwork by pulling strings across a...

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  33. Spinning Space Orrery

    Spinning Space Orrery

    For a long, long time, people thought that the Sun and all of the other planets revolved around the...

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  34. Swinging Salt Pendulum

    Swinging Salt Pendulum

    A pendulum is a hanging weight that swings back and forth, like the swinging arm on a grandfather clock...

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  35. Levitating Slinky

    Levitating Slinky

    Are slinkies magical floating toys or do they somehow follow the laws of physics? Grab your favorite timeless fidget...

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  36. Craft Stick Chain Reaction

    Craft Stick Chain Reaction

    Chain reactions are amazing displays of energy. When everything is set up right, one little tap can cause a...

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  37. Missing Square Puzzle

    Missing Square Puzzle

    They say seeing is believing, but sometimes your eyes can trick you! Download this printable puzzle here and...

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  38. The Amazing Endless Loop

    The Amazing Endless Loop

    Download the printable here to take a bicyclist on a never-ending journey across a möbius loop! A möbius...

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  39. Magic Chocolate Bar

    Magic Chocolate Bar

    Is it possible to eat a piece of chocolate from a chocolate bar and still have the same amount...

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  40. Wave Machine

    Wave Machine

    We’re surrounded by waves! Sound and light travel as waves to our ears and eyes. Ocean waves crash onto...

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  41. Campfire Chemistry

    Campfire Chemistry

    Watch a marshmallow grow to three times its original size with a quick and easy experiment using everyone’s favorite...

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  42. Moiré Patterns

    Moiré Patterns

    Have you ever looked through an electric fan and seen a shimmering pattern of light and dark areas around...

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  43. Mesmerizing Mathematics

    Mesmerizing Mathematics

    By building a board and randomly dropping some beads, you can demonstrate one of the most important principles in...

    Science Projects for Kids

  44. Paper Spinning Helicopters

    Paper Spinning Helicopters

    If you’ve ever been near a maple tree in the late summer or early fall, you’ve probably watched their...

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  45. Spinning Spiral Snake

    Spinning Spiral Snake

    When air is heated, it expands as its molecules spread out away from each other. In other words, hot air...

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  46. Edible Candle

    Edible Candle

    Today almost one-third of the energy we produce in the U.S. comes from oil, and we use it daily...

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  47. Fluffy Slime

    Fluffy Slime

    Is your slime feeling mucky and dense? Could your slime use a little pep in its step? Try mixing...

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  48. Bubble Valve

    Bubble Valve

    Science Projects for Kids

  49. Egg Drop Project

    Egg Drop Project

    How can you get an egg to drop without breaking it? Change the way it drops with this awesome...

    Science Projects for Kids

  50. Bottle Thermometer

    Bottle Thermometer

    Track how the sun changes the temperature in a room with a homemade thermometer. 

    Science Projects for Kids

  51. Shamrock Slime

    Shamrock Slime

    Create an amazing, oozing mix of ingredients that encourages sensory play. Don't worry about getting a little messy, because...

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  52. Pot O' Gold Slime

    Pot O' Gold Slime

    Create an amazing, oozing mix of ingredients that encourages sensory play. Don't worry about getting a little messy, because...

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  53. Borax Crystal Shamrock

    Borax Crystal Shamrock

    Finding a real four-leaf clover can be tricky, so here's how to make your own lucky shamrock out of...

    Science Projects for Kids

  54. Slinky Cup Sound Effect

    Slinky Cup Sound Effect

    Can a slinky make noise? Find out with this amplifying project!

    Science Projects for Kids

  55. Make a Square Egg

    Make a Square Egg

    Is a square egg possible? Not in nature - but you can re-shape a hard boiled egg in just...

    Science Projects for Kids

  56. Capillary Action Rainbow

    Capillary Action Rainbow

    Discover the magic of color mixing and capillary action with this easy and exciting science project! 

    Science Projects for Kids

  57. Straw Potato

    Straw Potato

    Is it possible to stick a straw through a potato? Yes — and it’s not a trick!

    Science Projects for Kids

  58. Face Swap Illusion

    Face Swap Illusion

    Can your eyes trick you? See for yourself with this experiment that will leave you questioning what you’re seeing! 

    Science Projects for Kids

  59. Millefiori


    Learn the art of millefiori, a traditional glass-working technique, by rolling together colorful clay to make intricate patterns. 

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  60. Paper Cup Telephone

    Paper Cup Telephone

    Celebrate Alexander Graham Bell Day by making a paper cup telephone and learning about sound and waves! 

    Science Projects for Kids

  61. Lava Lamp Science Project

    Lava Lamp Science Project

    Make your own colorful, bubbling lamp with this fun science experiment about mixing up unmixable liquids! 

    Science Projects for Kids

  62. Rotating Candle

    Rotating Candle

    Harness the power of physics to make a candle teeter-totter back and forth.

    Science Projects for Kids

  63. Dipped Candles

    Dipped Candles

    Learn the ancient art of candle making! 

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  64. Unpoppable Balloon

    Unpoppable Balloon

    Will a balloon pop if you hover it over a heat source? What if you add water to it?...

    Science Projects for Kids

  65. Penny Battery

    Penny Battery

    Learn about electrochemical cells and make a battery using pennies, felt, and a salt water solution. Then, power a...

    Science Projects for Kids

  66. Potato Chip Patina Experiment

    Potato Chip Patina Experiment

    Have you ever wondered why the Statue of Liberty is green? It’s because of a process called oxidation -...

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  67. Moody Money Trick

    Moody Money Trick

    Make the faces on dollar bills smile and frown with just a few folds! 

    Science Projects for Kids

  68. Fire-breathing Dragon Bellows

    Fire-breathing Dragon Bellows

    Celebrate Chinese New Year with this fire-breathing dragon and learn about chambers that can produce strong currents of air...

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  69. Origami Fortune Cookie

    Origami Fortune Cookie

    Ring in Chinese New Year with a super cute American-inspired fortune cookie craft that’s easy to do and fun...

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  70. Candy Celtic Heart Knot

    Candy Celtic Heart Knot

    Learn how to tie a Celtic heart knot. Then use pull and peel licorice rope to make an edible...

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  71. Light-up Heart Flower

    Light-up Heart Flower

    Repurpose those pencils without erasers to create a light-up flower pencil! 

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  72. Stained Glass Paper Kite

    Stained Glass Paper Kite

    What better way to celebrate spring than to go outside and fly a kite? Try making your own paper...

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  73. Whack-A-Groundhog


    Celebrate Groundhog Day with a DIY whack-a-mole toy! 

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  74. Groundhog Sundial

    Groundhog Sundial

    If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow on February 2nd, that means we might get six more weeks of winter....

    Science Projects for Kids

  75. Geometric Refrigerator Magnets

    Geometric Refrigerator Magnets

    Challenge yourself to a fun kitchen game while dinner cooks with these magnet puzzles! 

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