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  1. DIY Cork Stamps

    DIY Cork Stamps

    This fun and colorful project teaches the art of reusing materials to make new and beautiful things!

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  2. Decorative Duct Tape Easter Eggs

    Decorative Duct Tape Easter Eggs

    Yet another way to use duct tape -- to decorate your Easter eggs! This is a fun and easy project for you and your...

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  3. Tissue Paper Globe

    Tissue Paper Globe

    With just a few everyday supplies, your little ones can make this quick and fun craft to celebrate Earth Day.

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  4. Magnetic Easter Eggs

    Magnetic Easter Eggs

    With a couple of strips of decorative duct tape, these easy-to-make and -decorate Easter eggs are the perfect addition to any magnetic surface.

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  5. Spring Sensory Bin

    Spring Sensory Bin

    Using your Kool-Aid dyed rice, create a fun and interactive spring sensory bin. Sensory bins are great for children to develop their...

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  6. Pasta & Beads Bracelets

    Pasta & Beads Bracelets

    These bracelets are so colorful and fun to make and wear, for both boys and girls! You can make these rainbow bracelets after dying...

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  7. Christmas Sponge Stamp Blocks

    Christmas Sponge Stamp Blocks

    The beauty of simple household sponges cut into Christmas shapes, makes this a fun simple stamping craft to celebrate the holidays.

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  8. Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

    Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

    What we have here is an archeological dig site for dinosaurs -- or simply a dinosaur dig sensory bin!

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  9. 3 Letter Lacing Busy Bag

    3 Letter Lacing Busy Bag

    One of the things I enjoy doing with V is incorporating learning into a fun activity. And if that activity can be incorporated into...

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  10. Fingerprint Clovers

    Fingerprint Clovers

    A quick & fun little activity to turn your little one's fingerprints into little clovers to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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  11. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreaths

    Beaded Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreaths

    Whether to decorate grandma & grandpa's presents for the holidays or decorate your tree - these adorable mini wreaths will add some kid fun to...

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  12. Pasta Bead Sequencing

    Pasta Bead Sequencing

    This a simple "sanity saver" activity--for the car, the restaurant, the doctor's office, church, etc...basically any place you need a quiet activity for the...

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  13. Magnetic Tissue Paper Shamrocks

    Magnetic Tissue Paper Shamrocks

    This simple and quick little project will bring a little magnetic decoration to your fridge, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

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  14. Magnetic Tissue Paper Hearts

    Magnetic Tissue Paper Hearts

    A simple and quick little project that involves crumbling, smashing and gluing - which is sure to be a delight in any child's eyes.

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  15. Layered Heart Collages

    Layered Heart Collages

    This fun project was such a hit. It involves several mediums that merge together to form a beautiful collage.

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