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Friendship Bracelets

Load up your wrists with colorful friendship bracelets! Check out this tutorial to make your own bracelets using a foam loom, and decorate the wooden tag with gel pens for extra personalization. As an added gift, get a polka dot clip board to try even more bracelet designs!

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For a textured look, string beads on your embroidery floss as you go. Push a bead to the center of the loom when you move the floss from slot to slot. The beads will become woven into the braid as you use the loom.

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For a wrap bracelet, start by cutting your floss extra long—about 6-7 feet!

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Use a bead and loop like a button to close your bracelet. This works best on bracelets without the wooden tag. When you fold the floss in half, simply tie a knot about ½ an inch down to make the loop.

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Add some charms for extra personality! Use clip-on charms or attach them with jump rings and jewelry pliers.


More Bracelet Tutorials

These bracelets don't require the foam loom, instead, clip them onto your mini clipboard as you work.


Bracelet #1   •   Difficulty: Medium


Bracelet #2   •   Difficulty: Hard