Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume

Ages 5-16

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Build a unicorn costume with a majestic mane, a noble snout, and a horn that lights up! The unicorn costume kit contains everything you need to make a unicorn head with matching tail. Learn how to craft with felt, shiny sheets, and lights; and read about the science behind iridescence and the animals that inspired the unicorn myth — all while getting your neigh on.

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  • Learn about "unicorns" in real life
  • Build a unicorn head with a light-up horn
  • Decorate the head
  • Make a rainbow unicorn tail
  • Learn about iridescence

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    Jess, May 25, 2019


    My 9 year old adored this project. She’s worn it out and about and people always comment on it. She’s typically more STEM minded but this was a creative hit with her. Great job!

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