Hand-Crank Flashlight

Ages 12+

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Assemble your own hand-crank flashlight, great for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or just battery-free fun. Follow the hands-on experiments in the instruction set to learn how capacitors, stepper motors, and diodes work. This electronics building kit for teens is recommended for ages 12+.


  • LED Circuits

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    Sarah T., Jan 21, 2018

    Impressed with the booklet

    The booklet that came with the flashlight explained everything really well - like what's a capacitor? Make more like this!!!

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    Chris P., Jan 20, 2018

    My 9 year old did it on his own

    My 9-year-old son was able to assemble most of it on his own. We did have to trouble-shoot the bread board a little bit, but figured it out pretty easily due to the diagrams in the instruction book. My son loved the build, and is thrilled to have his own hand-crank flashlight. Not sure how sturdy it will be over time, but it seems pretty good now.

  3. r r r r r

    Linda C., Jan 19, 2018

    Great for groups

    We had this as a project for the 7 and 9 year old during the holidays. They had help from their older cousins. It was a great group learning experience and the kids really liked the end product.

  4. r r r r r

    Kristie K., Jan 19, 2018

    Perfect for our kids

    Everything was labeled and packaged. Instructions were super clear, and it was fun and educations. We could do a quick easy assembly for 4 year old level and then a more detailed educational assumbly for a 13 year old. A single piece for the stickies on the flashlight window might have worked better.

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