Celebrate the Festival of Lights with a unique gift for your children and check out our DIYs for fun Hanukkah activities to do with kids. Explore electric circuits by building a light-up paper menorah, assemble a dreidel lightcatcher, and more!

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Top Hanukkah Gifts Under $15

KiwiCo offers a wide variety of science and art projects to celebrate 8 days of gifting, perfect for creating something fun and educational. Our crates come with all the supplies needed to assemble an awesome project.

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  • Robot Sewable Circuit

    Explore wearable technology, conductivity, and the science of sewable circuits! Recommended for Ages 9-16+.

  • 3 Months of KiwiCo!

    Give a long-lasting, inspirational gift! These fun, enriching science & art projects for all ages are delivered every month for all ages, and are only $13.33/month for 3 months if you order soon!

  • Blue Cape

    Make your own one-of-a-kind cape and personalize it with felt stickers! Recommended for Ages 3-4.

  • Pom-Pom Hedgehogs

    Wind up yarn to make fluffy hedgehog friends! Bring your handmade pom-poms to life with felt, stickers, and pipecleaners. Recommended for Ages 5-8.

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DIY Menorahs

Make Your Own Hanukkah Menorah

Put a DIY twist on this year's Hanukkah Menorah (also known as a hanukiah) by teaching your child a new skill or craft activity. Building something together is an excellent learning opportunity.

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  • Paper Circuit Menorah

    Test your tinkering skills by creating a menorah using copper tape and LEDs. This can be an interesting challenge for kids to tackle.

  • Hanging Menorah

    Learn how to hand sew while making a Hanukkah-themed wall hanging!

  • Candlemaking for Hanukkah

    Creating your own candles makes for a very special menorah. Experiment with colors and observe how colors change as wax cools.

  • Clothespin Menorah

    Create a kid-friendly menorah for your Hanukkah celebration! Perfect for ages 3-6.

  • Handprint Menorah

    Celebrate Hanukkah and make a keepsake of your child's handprints. A good project for younger kids.

  • Edible Hanukkah Menorah

    What better way to celebrate Hanukkah after all the jelly donuts and potato latkes than with more food - an edible menorah!

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Holiday Decoration Ideas

DIY Decorations for Hanukkah

Try out a some new decorations for this year's Hanukkah!

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  • Homemade Cookie Cutters

    Make your own unique cookie cutters! Then, enjoy some delicious cut-out holiday-themed cookies!

  • Creating a Dreidel Garland

    Create a beautiful dreidel garland to decorate your home for Hanukkah this year.

  • Hanukkah Suncatcher

    Make a delightful Hanukkah suncatcher! A great project for younger children.

  • Foil Dreidel Collage

    Use colorful foil paper to create a dreidel collage.

  • Tissue Paper Garland

    Decorate the house for the holidays with colorful paper.

  • Hanukkah Themed Beaded Sun Catchers On Recycled Lids

    Gather some recycled plastic lids, pony beads, and white glue, and your kiddos are ready to make some festive beaded sun catchers for Hanukkah - perfect for hanging in the window above your menorah!

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Explore The Science Behind Lights

Delve into the science between how light and electricity work with these projects.

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  • Color and Light

    Create a color-mixing light jar, project colorful shadows, and play with rainbow glasses to learn about color and light! Recommended for Ages 5-8.

  • Scratch Art Lantern

    Paint your own scratch art panels, then explore scratch art to create your own unique lantern! Recommended for Ages 9-16+.

  • Light-Up Wire Art

    Create two custom neon signs with EL wire. Choose from five existing templates, or create your own from scratch. Recommended for ages 9-16+.

  • Hand-Crank Flashlight

    Assemble your own hand-crank flashlight, great for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or just battery-free fun. Recommended for ages 12+.

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What Sets KiwiCo Hanukkah Gifts Apart?

  1. We deliver quality materials along with clear instructions and inspiration for assembly.

    Carefully engineered components!
  2. We ensure that projects give kids plenty opportunities to tinker and explore.

    Tinker and explore!
  3. Every crate is tested rigorously by our experts and lots of kids.

    Tested rigorously!
  4. Our crates are enriching, accessible, and fun for kids of all ages.

    Enriching, accessible, and fun!

Each crate presents kids with a multi-faceted experience that can last for hours, or even days! Our crates include lots of rich content to dig deeper into the theme.

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