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  1. Balloon Decorating

    Balloon Decorating

    This past weekend, I took a trip with my 5-year-old to Party City and bought balloon LED lights to create  a set...

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  2. Water Balloon Painting

    Water Balloon Painting

    Something about the “SPLAT” is so satisfying! A perfect craft art project on a warm day!

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  3. Tye-Dye Fabric Project

    Tye-Dye Fabric Project

    Tye-Dye never goes out of style. Enjoy having fun making these colorful shirts with your kids!

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  4. Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    This is a fun and easy paper mache project that you can do with your kid/s! Have fun!

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  5. Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon

    Although this craft only lasts a day, it is well worth doing - it provides HOURS of fun and is really quite magical. By using...

  6. Hot Air Balloon Muffins

    Hot Air Balloon Muffins

    Turn breakfast into a flying experience with these muffins that double as hot air balloons. 

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  7. Fall Balloon Tree

    Fall Balloon Tree

    Make and easy and fun fall decoration with just three ingredients: balloons, tape and paper.

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  8. Balloon Painting

    Balloon Painting

    We have painted with all sorts of things, but balloons are probably the most fun yet! Not only are they cool to use, but they...

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  9. Water Balloon Yo-yo

    Water Balloon Yo-yo

    When the sun comes out, so does the water! This is a pretty cool activity to do with the kids and only takes a minute....

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  10. Balloon Rocket

    Balloon Rocket

    Create your very own balloon powered rockets...

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  11. Rock Star Microphone

    Rock Star Microphone

    This microphone was the start to hours of imaginative play for us. I loved seeing my daughter turn into quite the performer right before my...

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  12. Marshmallow Shooters

    Marshmallow Shooters

    This is such a fun and simple activity to do with young kids when it’s too cold to play outdoors! Create mini...

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  13. Magic Inflating Balloons

    Magic Inflating Balloons

    Can you make a balloon inflate without using air? Sure you...

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  14. Chocolate Bowl

    Chocolate Bowl

    Waking up to this chocolate bowl on Mother's Day morning would definitely put a smile on my face...and making the bowl put an even bigger...

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  15. Paper Plate Paddle Ball

    Paper Plate Paddle Ball

    This game takes seconds to put together and creates so much laughter. My kids enjoyed this game for days! It's a definite keeper for rainy...

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