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  1. Jingle Bell Bracelets

    Jingle Bell Bracelets

    These bracelets are fun and easy to make. Your children will love making the bells jingle as they walk around and shaking their feet and...

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  2. Miniature Button-Tree Ornaments

    Miniature Button-Tree Ornaments

    These miniature button trees are easy for preschoolers and older children and only take a few minutes to make, plus they have the added benefit...

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  3. Christmas Pinecone Ornaments

    Christmas Pinecone Ornaments

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  4. Beaded Wind Chimes

    Beaded Wind Chimes

    Create a pretty wind chime/mobile with your child. This is a great craft to develop motor skills and it will bring some more color and...

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  5. Felt and Paper Jester Hat

    Felt and Paper Jester Hat

    Ring them bells! This easy to create hat makes for a great dance party accoutrement. All you need is some felt and paper from around...

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  6. Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamping Collage

    Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamping Collage

    With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, give your kiddo a little luck by making this easy shamrock stamping collage!

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  7. Stamping with Food

    Stamping with Food

    For a fun and silly twist on stamping, turn everyday ingredients like potatoes, celery and peppers into homemade stamps!

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  8. Egg Carton Chimes

    Egg Carton Chimes

    With a recycled egg carton we made a nice set of chimes to welcome Spring. We are highly anticipating the blooming flowers and sunny days!...

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  9. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreaths

    Beaded Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreaths

    Whether to decorate grandma & grandpa's presents for the holidays or decorate your tree - these adorable mini wreaths will add some kid fun to...

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  10. Tambourine


    I don't know one child that doesn't love to sing, dance, and make music. Music is pure happiness in our house, and when you get...

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  11. St. Patrick's Day Peppers

    St. Patrick's Day Peppers

    My kids love to get creative with their food - sometimes approved and other times not so much. Well, this healthy snack takes an ordinary...

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  12. Homemade Bell

    Homemade Bell

    Make a bell? Yes, please! That is how my five-year-old feels. I don't know what it is about bells and this girl, but if it...

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  13. Crafty Christmas Elf

    Crafty Christmas Elf

    My parents still have the Christmas crafts I made when I was a kid...and now that I'm a mom, I proudly carry on that tradition!...

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  14. Reindeer Bell Necklace

    Reindeer Bell Necklace

    It just isn't Christmas without jingle bells! These festive necklaces were a cinch to make and made the perfect addition to the kids' holiday...

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  15. Clothespin Reindeer

    Clothespin Reindeer

    Rudolf is coming to town and all set for hours of fun with this adorable wooden craft. My kids had a great time making...

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