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  1. Texture Tots!

    Texture Tots!

    Such great texture! Theae paintings are great. A wonderful idea to create a different type of painting experience for your kiddos!

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  2. Mod Podge Portrait

    Mod Podge Portrait

    Introduce your kiddo to the world of “mixed media” with just a few simple materials: paper, craft sticks and Mod Podge. They’ll love piecing together...

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  3. Wax-Resist Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Wax-Resist Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Any color crayon will work in wax-resist painting, but a white crayon allows children to write “secret” messages. Just paint over the crayon design and...

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  4. Nautical Canvas

    Nautical Canvas

    This is a great craft for your little ones!  Along with it being fun you can make it educational by teaching them facts about water,...

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  5. Hello Andy Warhol! Hello Pop Art!

    Hello Andy Warhol! Hello Pop Art!

    Look at a book of Andy Warhol's artwork and talk about the art behind everyday packaging. You can talk about the soup can and...

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  6. Glow in the Dark Moon and Stars Painting

    Glow in the Dark Moon and Stars Painting

    My children loved making these glow-in-the-dark paintings for their rooms, but loved turning out the lights and watching them glow even more!

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  7. Daisy Print Canvas Shopping Bag

    Daisy Print Canvas Shopping Bag

    I love using things from nature to stamp with! A few picked daisies paired up with some paint and a canvas bag make the perfect...

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  8. Apple Stamp Art

    Apple Stamp Art

    This apple stamp art has an extra special touch that makes it a perfect gift for a new teacher! My children love when they get...

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  9. Melted Crayon Art

    Melted Crayon Art

    Melting. It's a natural process that we can see everyday: the ice in a glass of water, the butter...

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  10. Kids Sewing Kit

    Kids Sewing Kit

    Do you have a young person who would enjoy a sewing kit? It's a fantastic project that will give your child endless craft possibilities!

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  11. Reverse Stencil Treasure Bag

    Reverse Stencil Treasure Bag

    I love that children consider so many things treasures. It's very sweet and innocent. My daughter collects treasures everywhere she goes so we decided to...

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  12. Fabric Canvas Owl Collage

    Fabric Canvas Owl Collage

    I am in love with this little creation my daughter made with just fabric and glue! She loved doing it and I think we will...

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  13. Flower Monogram Signs

    Flower Monogram Signs

    I set up this craft to make a beautiful "E" for my daughter's room, but she had an even better idea--to make a 6 for...

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  14. Fingerprint Bird Painting

    Fingerprint Bird Painting

    What a sweet way to welcome spring or to give as a gift for Mother's Day--a painting full of sweet little finger prints.

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  15. Heart Art

    Heart Art

    Valentine's Day collages on canvas. Drizzled & swizzled & sprinkled with love.

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