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  1. Super Sculptures!

    Super Sculptures!

    It's time for some super sculpture making fun! This craft is great for toddlers. They learn about making things that are 3-D, and have plenty...

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  2. Pictures In Clay

    Pictures In Clay

    Create different pictures with clay for a new way to draw and create!

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  3. Earth Day Necklace

    Earth Day Necklace

    Celebrate Earth Day with this fun and easy craft that your kids will have a ball (no pun intended) making. These necklaces make great gifts...

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  4. DIY Doll Lunch Box

    DIY Doll Lunch Box

    Is your doll ready for back-to-school? Does she get hungry at lunch time? Do the other dolls make fun of her lunch box because it's...

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  5. Sensory Sculptures

    Sensory Sculptures

    These sensory sculptures is a really neat craft for your little ones to make. It's a great sensory-motor skill project for kids and they will...

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  6. Clay Vessels

    Clay Vessels

    Your kiddos will have so much fun creating these thoughtful, clay bowls. They can use beads, buttons, and other things to decorate their bowls....

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  7. Fossil Casts - Dinosaur Art Project

    Fossil Casts - Dinosaur Art Project

    This is very different than other uses for Mod Podge. Today you can use this craft with your little ones to create Dinosaur fossils!

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  8. Blow Darts

    Blow Darts

    Using one straw for the blower, and a thinner straw for the darts, you can make these blow darts and challenge your friends and family!

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  9. Jeweled Turtle

    Jeweled Turtle

    A turtle shell covered in jewels sounds pretty magical. After hearing a story about such a fancy turtle we decided to make our own sparkling...

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  10. Clay Flower Pots

    Clay Flower Pots

    I had a few spare planting pots sitting around, so I decided to pull together this simple and fun activity for my visiting niece. Together...

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  11. Clay Bead Bracelet

    Clay Bead Bracelet

    Create a one-of-a-kind bracelet using clay, buttons, pipe cleaners and paint. There's no limit to the type of clay beads you can design.

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  12. Mosaic Heart

    Mosaic Heart

    My daughter loves to create different kinds of mosaics. We use stickers, gems, or beads. I love seeing her think out the pattern and put...

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  13. Marble Paper Weight

    Marble Paper Weight

    We always have air-dry clay around. It is great for little hands that enjoy sculpting and saving their little creations.My daughter wanted to make a...

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  14. Make A Fixed Pulley

    Make A Fixed Pulley

    This cute little desktop flagpole is a single fixed pulley. A fixed pulley like this one doesn't win you any mechanical advantage, but it can...

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  15. Clay Sea Friends

    Clay Sea Friends

    Oven-bake clay is so versatile. This time, we used it with some candy molds to make sea creature charms.

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