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  1. Pretend Play Smores

    Pretend Play Smores

    Want all the fun of making s'mores, but without the sugar-high afterwards? These pretend play s'mores are SO easy to make, and they are calorie-free...

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  2. Lion and Lamb Necklace

    Lion and Lamb Necklace

    It is said that if March "comes in like a lion", then it will "go out like a lamb." Is that really true? ...

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  3. Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

    Classroom or Naptime Keepsake

    Being away from home can be tough on kids. Our school recommends making a special keepsake that kids can keep in their cubbies and pull...

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  4. Cotton Balls and Water Color Pictures

    Cotton Balls and Water Color Pictures

    Here's a fun and easy way to create art with your kids! Enjoy!

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  5. Painting with Cotton Swabs

    Painting with Cotton Swabs

    This is a fun and super easy craft. If you have some acrylic paints and cotton swabs lying around, then you have everything you need...

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  6. Handprint Bald Eagle for the 4th of July!

    Handprint Bald Eagle for the 4th of July!

    Gear up for our Fourth of July celebrations while teaching your kids about the symbols surrounding Independence Day! Your kids will have fun learning while...

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  7. Farm Land

    Farm Land

    Little ones ages 3-5 years old will have a blast making this craft while learning about farms and why the land on farms is so...

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  8. Cotton Square Tie-Dye Art

    Cotton Square Tie-Dye Art

    My daughter loves to paint so we mixed it up by trying eye droppers instead of paint brushes, colored water instead of paint, and cotton...

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  9. Log Cabin Pictures

    Log Cabin Pictures

    With President's day around the corner, we decided to do some crafts that reflect on presidents of old, like the log cabin  Abraham Lincoln grew...

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  10. Cotton Snowman

    Cotton Snowman

    Since my daughter Addie can't wait to play in the snow and we're a little short on the white stuff here in the Caribbean, we thought we'd...

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  11. Cotton Cherry Blossom Painting

    Cotton Cherry Blossom Painting

    In our neighborhood, we have beautiful cherry blossom trees. It is my favorite part of spring to see the beautiful pink flowers appear. I made...

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  12. Recycled Bunnies

    Recycled Bunnies

    It's always fun to see what kinds of things you can create using things you would normally just throw away. With Easter coming, we decided...

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  13. Handprint Bunny Card

    Handprint Bunny Card

    Create this precious handprint bunny as a keepsake, or send it in a card to someone special.

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  14. Rainbow Craft

    Rainbow Craft

    Explore color and texture with this simple rainbow craft.

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  15. Chalkboard Coasters

    Chalkboard Coasters

    Chalkboard paint may be the coolest thing to enter the crafting world this decade! My kids love to turn all sorts of things into chalkboards...and...

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