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  1. Do-It-Yourself Kid's Car

    Do-It-Yourself Kid's Car

    What could be more fun than a creative challenge than building a toy car with your child?

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  2. Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Shop

    Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Shop

    Construct a wonderfully social, imaginary play Ice Cream Shop with your child.

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  3. Foam Sailboats

    Foam Sailboats

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  4. Lilypad Boats

    Lilypad Boats

    This is a fast, easy, no-mess craft that your kids will love making! Lilypad Boats are so cute and fun to play with.

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  5. Cardboard Puppet Theater

    Cardboard Puppet Theater

    Puppet shows are a wonderful way to extend a child's communication skills. As children assume different voices and take on the different personas of the...

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  6. No Sew Pencil Case

    No Sew Pencil Case

    Cuteness Alert: This may be the cutest little pencil case ever, and there's no sewing involved!

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  7. "Paint"-and-Stick Foam Window Decor

    Let your toddler or preschooler "trim" a fun foam tree this holiday season!

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  8. Frog Pond Water Play

    Frog Pond Water Play

    Put a fun twist on water play this Summer with a DIY Frog Pond!

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  9. Crazy Creature Magnets

    Crazy Creature Magnets

    Display your art or school work proudly with these crazy creature magnets made from puzzle pieces.

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  10. Make a Crab Headband

    Make a Crab Headband

    Your children will have so much fun making and wearing this crab headband!

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  11. DIY Cutting Box

    DIY Cutting Box

    Snip, snip, snip! My two-year-old is very interested in learning to use scissors and cut things. I developed this DIY cutting box to give her...

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  12. Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

    Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

    Want some super simple, last minute Halloween craft ideas for the kids? Create this trio of Halloween characters using dessert plates from the dollar store...

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  13. Recycled Piggy Bank

    Recycled Piggy Bank

    This recycled piggy bank is the perfect place to save your money.

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  14. Origami Fortune Cookie

    Origami Fortune Cookie

    Ring in Chinese New Year with a super cute American-inspired fortune cookie craft that’s easy to do and fun...

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  15. Easy Cookie Cutter Christmas Decorations

    Easy Cookie Cutter Christmas Decorations

    My kids love to make our house look festive with holiday decorations. We used cookie cutters to press or trace onto foam and, in minutes,...

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