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  1. Cotton Balls and Water Color Pictures

    Cotton Balls and Water Color Pictures

    Here's a fun and easy way to create art with your kids! Enjoy!

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  2. Cotton Square Tie-Dye Art

    Cotton Square Tie-Dye Art

    My daughter loves to paint so we mixed it up by trying eye droppers instead of paint brushes, colored water instead of paint, and cotton...

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  3. Coffee Filter Rainbows

    Coffee Filter Rainbows

    Who doesn’t love rainbows? They are so beautiful and cheery. Now, kiddos can make their own using coffee filters and paint.

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  4. Color Mixing

    Color Mixing

    Create all the colors of the rainbow with this simple and fun color mixing activity.

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  5. Watercolor Hearts

    Watercolor Hearts

    These hearts were an experiment one afternoon. As we colored some heart cut-outs we added a few drops of water and watched how beautiful the...

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  6. Fizzing Colors!

    Fizzing Colors!

    Turn your kitchen into...

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  7. Gelatine Fun!

    Gelatine Fun!

    Sensory fun activities are a favorite in our home. I love seeing these little hands explore, learn and discover all while relaxing their body and...

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  8. Make Your Own Garden

    Make Your Own Garden

    Now that spring is finally here, we've been planting all sorts of seeds on our window sills. From tomatoes to cucumbers, our...

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  9. Cleaning Pennies

    Cleaning Pennies

    My daughter recently said that pennies look "yucky". So, I decided to put the simple chemical reaction of vinegar and salt to work for her!

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  10. Watercolor Leaves

    Watercolor Leaves

    Create beautiful fall leaves using liquid watercolors and coffee filters.

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  11. Color Mixing Tic-Tac-Toe

    Color Mixing Tic-Tac-Toe

    We love playing tic-tac-toe at our house! So, I created this color mixing game for a fun twist on a classic game.

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  12. Salt Art Fireworks

    Salt Art Fireworks

    My kids are fascinated by the sights and sounds of fireworks. This craft let them create their own fireworks using things from our own...

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  13. Density Tower

    Density Tower

    Density is a foundational concept in physics, which explains why boats float, rocks sink, and balloons fly away when you let them...

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  14. Water & Alcohol Paper

    Water & Alcohol Paper

    Experiment with water and rubbing alcohol to create beautiful paper with interesting patterns and textures! This project is a fun way to...

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  15. Salt Painting Easter Eggs

    Salt Painting Easter Eggs

    This fun, messy craft kept my kids occupied for most of a morning. They had so much fun making salt designs and then watching...

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