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  1. Sand Art

    Sand Art

    Create colorful, beautiful, sand art with your children! Not only will they have a great time making this craft but they might want to give...

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  2. Magic Inflating Balloons

    Magic Inflating Balloons

    Can you make a balloon inflate without using air? Sure you...

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  3. Floating Fish

    Floating Fish

    If you've ever been swimming, you know what happens if you stop moving. You start sinking! You can always spread out your arms and legs,...

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  4. Stress Ball

    Stress Ball

    We call it the "squeeze your worries away" ball and first made it when my daughter was nervous about her preschool Christmas performance. We made...

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  5. Discovery Bottles

    Discovery Bottles

    This is a project that is as fun as it is educational. Discovery bottles are also called science bottles and they allow your child to...

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  6. Sand Art

    Sand Art

    Here's a new, fun twist on an old craft that I loved creating as a child!

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  7. Vinegar, Baking Soda, and...Balloon Eye Droppers?

    Vinegar, Baking Soda, and...Balloon Eye Droppers?

    This is a very basic experiment: Watching the reaction of vinegar to baking soda. I thought this would be the perfect activity for little...

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  8. Hands-Free Inflating Balloons

    Hands-Free Inflating Balloons

    My husband and I love exploring new ways to learn with our boys. This science experiment of blowing up a balloon was a great...

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  9. Fizzy Candy Balloon

    Fizzy Candy Balloon

    Harness the power of fizzy candy and soda to inflate a balloon without blowing! This experiment can be repeated many...

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  10. Dry Ice Bubbles

    Dry Ice Bubbles

    Dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is a super fun and accessible way to play around with the physics of...

    Science Projects for Kids

  11. Seek-N-Find Alphabet Tube

    Seek-N-Find Alphabet Tube

    This alphabet seek-n-find tube is a great tool for little kids to use to learn their letters and have fun doing it! I used...

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  12. Count Popula

    Count Popula

    It's Halloween - meaning it's time for bubbling brews and spooky science. We had a ton of fun putting chemistry to work to create our...

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  13. Unpoppable Balloon

    Unpoppable Balloon

    Will a balloon pop if you hover it over a heat source? What if you add water to it?...

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  14. Bottle Flipping

    Bottle Flipping

    Try your hand at bottle flipping with liquids of different viscosities!

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  15. Sock Snowmen

    Sock Snowmen

    The cuddly little friends are a huge hit in our house! This year, we made them using all of our mismatched socks and it...

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