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  1. Simple Salad Jar

    Simple Salad Jar

    I teach my children to make healthy food choices every day in the best way I know how--by making healthy choices for myself. It has...

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  2. No-Cook Oatmeal

    No-Cook Oatmeal

    My children love to help me cook, so no-cook recipes are wonderful when I can find a good one that they love too. This oatmeal...

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  3. Penny Drop Game

    Penny Drop Game

    It's head down and ears up as you sharpen your kiddo's listening skills in this fun and easy counting game!

  4. Paint Filled Jar Fall Vases

    Paint Filled Jar Fall Vases

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  5. What Soda Does to Teeth

    What Soda Does to Teeth

    Why is soda bad for your teeth? My kids keep asking why they can't have more soda. The tooth fairy was kind enough...

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  6.  Snowman Belly Jars

    Snowman Belly Jars

    Still trying to come up with a fun holiday gift to give to friends or an acquaintance? Make these snowman belly jars and fill them...

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  7. Painted Star Jar

    Painted Star Jar

    Our magical star jar was first created to help ease night-time nervousness for my little ones. (We just added a battery-operated tea light and used...

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  8. Mason Jar Cupcakes

    Mason Jar Cupcakes

    These mason jar cupcakes are so easy to make/transport--and are virtually mess free when served. We've made them for a couple of birthday parties...

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  9. Surface Tension Experiment

    Surface Tension Experiment

    We can see through mesh. We can hear through it, breathe through it, and even pour water through it... So there is no way...

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  10. DIY Calming Jar

    DIY Calming Jar

    Looking for an alternative to time-outs in your home? Have your child create this simple calming jar using fun and bright glitter colors. This craft...

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  11. Recycled Heart Crayons

    Recycled Heart Crayons

    Valentine's Day is typically overrun with chocolates and heart candies. Since my oldest son is in kindergarten this year, I wanted him to be...

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  12. Make a Tornado in a Jar

    Make a Tornado in a Jar

    My silly scientists had a blast with this hands-on experiment! We used mason jars and plastic water bottles to make our own mini tornadoes....

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  13. Borax Ornaments

    Borax Ornaments

    We have favorite crystal ornaments, and these are it! No waiting for weeks for these crystals to form...using borax instead of salt or sugar...

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  14. Churning Butter

    Churning Butter

    On weekends, we love hosting family and friends for a leisurely brunch. My son loves contributing to the spread, whether it's mixing...

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  15. Thanksgiving Nature Centerpiece

    Thanksgiving Nature Centerpiece

    We added some personal touch to the Thanksgiving table this year with a fun centerpiece craft. We embraced the great outdoors and brought nature...

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