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  1. Melted Peppermint Bowl

    Melted Peppermint Bowl

    Put your leftover peppermint candies to good use and make a yummy tasting ice cream bowl! 

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  2. Millefiori


    Learn the art of millefiori, a traditional glass-working technique, by rolling together colorful clay to make intricate patterns. 

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  3. Happy Bat Crayons

    Happy Bat Crayons

    Make neat-o Bat Crayons with your kids to gear up for Halloween! This project is super easy and very fun to make!

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  4. Melted Bead Flower Rings

    Melted Bead Flower Rings

    Spring is in the air and we've got flowers on the brain! A fun and easy way to create "flower rings" with your child. Create...

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  5. Fossil Casts - Dinosaur Art Project

    Fossil Casts - Dinosaur Art Project

    This is very different than other uses for Mod Podge. Today you can use this craft with your little ones to create Dinosaur fossils!

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  6. Clay Sea Friends

    Clay Sea Friends

    Oven-bake clay is so versatile. This time, we used it with some candy molds to make sea creature charms.

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  7. Leaf-Shaped Crayons

    Leaf-Shaped Crayons

    We love making new crayons out of old broken pieces. We made heart-shaped crayons last Valentine's Day and got so many compliments. So this fall...

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  8. Miniature Speckled Eggs

    Miniature Speckled Eggs

    All things tiny are loved in our house! When we made these sweet little eggs they went straight to the fairy house. I think that...

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  9. Grapes to Raisins

    Grapes to Raisins

    Now that it's summer, it seems like our family is constantly on the go. For easy, quick snacks, we've turned to nibbling...

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  10. Clay Charms

    Clay Charms

    Art that can be worn is fun for most kids I know. These charms make great gifts, too!

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  11. Clay Bracelets

    Clay Bracelets

    My daughter thought of this fun way to make bracelets--all on her own--one evening. They came out so beautifully, I just had to share!

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  12. Maple Syrup Crystals

    Maple Syrup Crystals

    Maple syrup – made from maple...

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  13. Clay Fortune Cookies

    Clay Fortune Cookies

    No Chinese take-out meal is complete without fortune cookies. My older kid eagerly cracks open his cookie to read the fortune--eating the cookie is a...

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  14. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

    Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

    Create your own fossils out of salt dough! 

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