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  1. Dancing Magnet Animals

    Dancing Magnet Animals

    Make any animal you like--using paperclips for arms and legs will enable you to make it bounce, dance and wave!

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  2. Dancing Puppets

    Dancing Puppets

    Levers are simple machines that help us move or lift something. See how levers work by making your own dancing puppet!

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  3. Button Paperclips

    Button Paperclips

    These darling paperclips are perfect for adding a cheerful personal touch to papers. Or use them for keeping your place in your current books!

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  4. Pinecone Place Settings

    Pinecone Place Settings

    We love Thanksgiving around here--not just a little but a LOT! The kids love to get involved any way they can, so what better way...

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  5. Magnetic Fishing Game

    Magnetic Fishing Game

    My kids love games, which is a great way to trick them into learning something. This classic fishing game not only works on their motor...

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  6. Paper Cup Telephone

    Paper Cup Telephone

    Celebrate Alexander Graham Bell Day by making a paper cup telephone and learning about sound and waves! 

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  7. Submarine


    Make and play with a plastic bottle submarine! 

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  8. The Jumping Paper Clip Trick

    The Jumping Paper Clip Trick

    Discover everyday magic! Big, showy magic tricks are pretty amazing, but you don't really need anything special to make magic happen. In fact, all you...

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  9. Cartesian Diver

    Cartesian Diver

    Explore the science behind density and pressure...

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  10. Zoo Scavenger Hunt

    Zoo Scavenger Hunt

    One of my first purchases when I officially became a stay-at-home mom was a family pass to the city zoo. Hands down, it's one of...

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  11. String Telephone

    String Telephone

    I'm not sure why, but I think "childhood magic" when I think of these. "D'you wanna make a string telephone, Maddie? " "Yeah!" Then a pause,...

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  12. Flying Bird Toy

    Flying Bird Toy

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  13. Paper Spinning Helicopters

    Paper Spinning Helicopters

    If you’ve ever been near a maple tree in the late summer or early fall, you’ve probably watched their...

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  14. Rotating Candle

    Rotating Candle

    Harness the power of physics to make a candle teeter-totter back and forth.

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  15. Tick-Tock Timer

    Tick-Tock Timer

    When you twist up this timer and let it go, the rubber band starts to unwind and swing a...

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