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  1. Sparkling Fireworks Pencil Topper

    Sparkling Fireworks Pencil Topper

    This festive pencil topper is sure to spark your imagination!

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  2. Hammered Leaves

    Hammered Leaves

    Fall comes and goes, just like the color of autumn leaves. These leaves don't last very long, but you can preserve them...

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  3. Box Toss

    Box Toss

    Inspired by the game of Corn Hole, this simple tossing contest uses recycled cardboard boxes (or KiwiCo crates!) Set up in the backyard and see...

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  4. Spectroscope


    Study the science behind rainbows with a do-it-yourself spectroscope! You can see all the colors that make...

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  5. DIY Guitar

    DIY Guitar

    Over the years, we've found so many different uses for our crates. From extra storage containers to crafty DIY activities, the ideas are...

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  6. Feelings Friend

    Feelings Friend

    Create a doll that changes expressions to show different feelings!

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  7. Line and Design Art

    Line and Design Art

    Anyone can create a masterpiece with this sort of art! Start with a simple, drawn shape, add a few creative squiggles and bright colors...

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  8. Heart Mug

    Heart Mug

    I love making and gifting presents that will be well loved and used, so I knew this...

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  9. Bunny Ear Chocolate Bars

    Bunny Ear Chocolate Bars

    These adorable chocolate bars are my absolute favorite Easter treat to put together. It's particularly a great craft to do with the kids: you can...

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  10. Styrofoam Stamps

    Styrofoam Stamps

    We have all kinds of rubber stamps on our art shelves, but we also love making our own--creativity is always welcome in our home! Craft...

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