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  1. Tile Photo Frame

    Tile Photo Frame

    Play along with your child to create unique, personal, tiled photo frames. It's a great personal gift or decoration for your home and a fun...

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  2. Christmas Tree Photo Holders

    Christmas Tree Photo Holders

    Each pretty tree is supported by a matchbox, which contains a little accordion book of pictures. It's a fun craft to send to family and...

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  3. Mason Jar Frame

    Mason Jar Frame

    A picture frame makes the best gift for any loved one. This picture frame jar is very unique--and the perfect gift for Father's Day.

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  4. Silly Lunch Surprise

    Silly Lunch Surprise

    My daughter loves when I surprise her with little notes and drawings in her lunch. I decided to start using up some of the "way...

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  5. Craft Stick Puzzles

    Craft Stick Puzzles

    Kids can create their very own personalized puzzle to solve again and again. Choose a favorite photo, greeting card or patterned paper and get started!

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  6. Family Tree

    Family Tree

    My daughter loves to look at family photos so we decided to make a mini-family tree so that she could see everyone at once and...

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  7. Zoo Scavenger Hunt

    Zoo Scavenger Hunt

    One of my first purchases when I officially became a stay-at-home mom was a family pass to the city zoo. Hands down, it's one of...

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  8. Recycled Holiday Card Ornaments

    Recycled Holiday Card Ornaments

    I love homemade Christmas ornaments, especially those with family photos in them. These are so simple and easy for my children to make for extended...

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  9. I Spy Books

    I Spy Books

    My 5 year old is in love with I spy books. He loves playing the game in the car, checking out any hidden object book...

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  10. Silly Face Photos

    Silly Face Photos

    My three-year-old recently entered the silly face phase. You know the one. He hooks a finger on the side of each cheek, stretches his mouth...

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  11. Numbered Photo Puzzles

    Numbered Photo Puzzles

    These personalized puzzles were a big hit with my little artists! They had a great time picking out the perfect pictures and trying their...

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  12. Rolled Paper Picture Frame

    Rolled Paper Picture Frame

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