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  1.  Clothespin Christmas Soldiers

    Clothespin Christmas Soldiers

    Soldier ornaments, and not just from the Nutcracker, are popular for Christmas. While the Queen's Guard of Buckingham Palace in England may not be as...

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  2. Fashion Mannequins

    Fashion Mannequins

    Love fashion? Make your own designs out of paper and fabric scraps! You can embellish with sequins, buttons, feathers.... What is your style?

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  3. How to Update a Vintage Suitcase

    How to Update a Vintage Suitcase

    Get out your old luggage! It's time to spruce it up make it fun, and get creative with your little one!

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  4. Underwater Felt Board

    Underwater Felt Board

    Creating a felt board is a surprisingly simple project that you can make with your child. It's a fun craft that also produces beautiful results....

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  5. Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Have you tried playing with cloud dough yet? It is totally awesome! It's so simple to make a cloud dough ice cream shop and it's...

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  6. Canada Day Pinwheels

    Canada Day Pinwheels

    Celebrate Canada by making these fun pinwheels with your kids. The bright red Canadian leaf really brings this toy to life eh?

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  7. Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough

    Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough

    Edible play dough using peanut butter. Mmmmm. If you've ever tried it you know it is darn tasty and fun to...

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  8. Safety Pin Charms

    Safety Pin Charms

    I remember making safety pin charms as a child so making them with my daughter was very special. They are simple and come out so...

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  9. Roling Pin Races

    Roling Pin Races

    My son loves playing with kitchen utensils and cookware. The other day, he grabbed a large rolling pin. and proceeded to roll it on...

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  10. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

    Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

    Making your own wrapping paper is an easy way for kids to get involved in gift giving any time of the...

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  11. Foil Punch Ornament

    Foil Punch Ornament

    This holiday season, we wanted to repurpose our extra pie tins into luminary decorations for our Christmas tree. By exploring shapes, patterns,...

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  12. Creating a Dreidel Garland

    Creating a Dreidel Garland

    Create a beautiful dreidel garland to decorate your home for Hanukkah this year.

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  13. Grass Heads

    Grass Heads

    Make little creatures out of socks or burlap... just add soil and grass seed, and you have fine little friends.

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  14. Milk Jug Dripper

    Milk Jug Dripper

    Try the Milk Jug Dripper for easy watering of a backyard veggie garden - just place a dripper next to each plant. Burying the drippers helps...

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  15. My Own Bird Wings

    My Own Bird Wings

    This was so simple, but the amount of creative play that came from it was absolutely priceless. My kids played for hours in the most...

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