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  1.  Egg Carton Spy Glasses

    Egg Carton Spy Glasses

    When children are young their minds are full of wonder. Children are especially rambunctious and ready to investigate every nook and cranny. Feed off that...

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  2. Canada Day Pinwheels

    Canada Day Pinwheels

    Celebrate Canada by making these fun pinwheels with your kids. The bright red Canadian leaf really brings this toy to life eh?

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  3. Tick-Tock Timer

    Tick-Tock Timer

    When you twist up this timer and let it go, the rubber band starts to unwind and swing a...

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  4. Melted Bead Flower Rings

    Melted Bead Flower Rings

    Spring is in the air and we've got flowers on the brain! A fun and easy way to create "flower rings" with your child. Create...

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  5. Clay Vessels

    Clay Vessels

    Your kiddos will have so much fun creating these thoughtful, clay bowls. They can use beads, buttons, and other things to decorate their bowls....

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  6. Hanukkah Themed Beaded Sun Catchers On Recycled Lids

    Hanukkah Themed Beaded Sun Catchers On Recycled Lids

    Gather some recycled plastic lids, pony beads, and white glue, and your kiddos are ready to make some festive beaded sun catchers for Hanukkah -...

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  7. Pipe Cleaner and Pony Bead Flower

    Pipe Cleaner and Pony Bead Flower

    My daughter has really been into gardening and flowers lately so I surprised her with this fun flower craft!

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  8. Pony Bead Counting Board

    Pony Bead Counting Board

    In Nursery school, my daughter is all about counting! So, I decided to have her make her own counting board for a fun visual!

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  9. Pasta & Beads Bracelets

    Pasta & Beads Bracelets

    These bracelets are so colorful and fun to make and wear, for both boys and girls! You can make these rainbow bracelets after dying...

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  10. Bird Puppets for Races

    Bird Puppets for Races

    Make these birds using feathers, disposable cups, paper and glue... then jump, swing, and bounce them down the string to the finish line!

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  11. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreaths

    Beaded Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreaths

    Whether to decorate grandma & grandpa's presents for the holidays or decorate your tree - these adorable mini wreaths will add some kid fun to...

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  12. Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

    Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

    Have some wintery fun creating these simple & fun snowflakes. They can also be easily turned into a handmade ornament for your tree or...

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  13. Daisy Flower Bracelet

    Daisy Flower Bracelet

    We have lots of parties at our house. Tea parties, birthday parties for favorite friends (like White Bunny or Mama Cat), 'adoption day' parties......

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  14. Autumn Leaf Necklace

    Autumn Leaf Necklace

    This exciting activity will have your youngster wearing fall fashionably. This necklace is very durable--a rousing session of hula hooping broke out immediately after!...

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