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  1. Butterfly Snack

    Butterfly Snack

    I am always trying to find ways to make my children's lunches fun and healthy. Making these cute butterfly snack packs together really got my...

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  2. Party Snack Cup

    Party Snack Cup

    It's amazing how happy children are when they have a new fun way to hold a snack. So simple. Love that innocent joy. This party...

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  3. Homemade Pom Poms

    Homemade Pom Poms

    My daughter was cheering away after we made these super easy and very cute homemade pom-poms! She requested another pair to add to her bike...

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  4. Snack Jar Basket

    Snack Jar Basket

    Snacks in jars for Father's Day are always a hit, but we made them extra special by adding little pieces of my children's art to...

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  5. Snack Cup Jellyfish

    Snack Cup Jellyfish

    Upcycled plastic snack cups, some tissue paper, and silly googly eyes are all the materials you need to make these jellyfish. To make them look...

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  6. Caramel Apple Monsters

    Caramel Apple Monsters

    Fall is my favorite time of year...and my kids love it too because it means apple picking! We have a tree right in our backyard...

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  7. Clay Beads

    Clay Beads

    We've made lots of different kinds of beads, but we had never made them out of clay, and painted them. They're so bright and...

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  8. Fairy Treasure Hunt

    Fairy Treasure Hunt

    Every few weeks for the past two years, my five-year-old has brought tiny little paper Dixie cups of sequins home from preschool. I...

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  9. Ice Excavation

    Ice Excavation

    On a trip to Michael's a few months ago, my daughter  talked me into buying a $5 set of dinosaur skulls. We played with...

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  10. Recycled Heart Crayons

    Recycled Heart Crayons

    Valentine's Day is typically overrun with chocolates and heart candies. Since my oldest son is in kindergarten this year, I wanted him to be...

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