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  1. Pumpkin Spice Soaps

    Pumpkin Spice Soaps

    These pumpkin spice hand soaps are fun to make and great for Halloween or Thanksgiving! This was such a simple and fun project, and the...

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  2. Dinosaur Egg Soap

    Dinosaur Egg Soap

    My son jumps at the chance to wash his hands. Want to know my secret? Together, we created this dinosaur egg soap, which my son...

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  3. Ghost Mud Ice Cream

    Ghost Mud Ice Cream

    Ghost Mud is so easy to make and it's a wonderful sensory activity for your children. It smells fantastic, and it's delightfully ooey and gooey...

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  4. Puffy Snowflake Paintings

    Puffy Snowflake Paintings

    Your child will love how each one is completely unique Puffy Snowflake Paintings! The kiddos have SO much FUN making painting after painting, experimenting with...

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  5. Soap Bar Mummies

    Soap Bar Mummies

    These cute little mummies are the perfect craft for preschoolers. It's simple and my kids loved adding the googly eyes. If you pick a scented...

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  6. Backyard Car Paint and Wash

    Backyard Car Paint and Wash

    Painting things that do not normally get painted is a lot of fun for children. Throw a car wash on top of that and you...

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  7. Soap Carving

    Soap Carving

    Carving is not just for pumpkins! My daughter loved carving bars of soap into anything she wished and she loved using her special soap afterwards.

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  8. DIY Window Clings

    DIY Window Clings

    We love bright colors and looking out the window. So, we tried our hand at making some bright and fun homemade window clings to add...

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  9. Cookie Cutter Soap

    Cookie Cutter Soap

    This is a darling and easy gift idea that your kids will have so much fun making. We were inspired to make our own soaps...

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  10. Pepper Swim-Away Experiment

    Pepper Swim-Away Experiment

    Use this experiment to show your kids...

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  11. Aluminum Foil Art

    Aluminum Foil Art

    Looking for a way to mix things up a bit for your kids and introduce new creative explorations? One fun way to go about...

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  12. Giant Bubble Wand

    Giant Bubble Wand

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  13. Dinosaur Soap

    Dinosaur Soap

    My son is a paleontologist in training. Anything with fossils, bones, or dinosaurs just makes his day. He absolutely loved the idea of burying...

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  14. Unpoppable Bubbles

    Unpoppable Bubbles

    Use this recipe to make unpoppable bubbles!

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