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  1. dip-idy doo dah

    dip-idy doo dah

    Your little ones will have a blast dipping away with this fun, colorful craft!

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  2. Fingerprint Hearts

    Fingerprint Hearts

    Break out the ink pad to make fingerprint hearts for an easy and fun way for your child to create valentines for the people they...

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  3. Weaving Paintings!

    Weaving Paintings!

    Your little ones will have a great time exploring warm and cool colors with watercolors and weaving!

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  4. DIY Microwave Pressed Flowers

    DIY Microwave Pressed Flowers

    What if Mother's Day is right around the corner and you suddenly decided that you have the perfect craft but it must be decorated with...

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  5. Rain Stick

    Rain Stick

    Teach your kids about the importance of rain and the water cycle while they make these colorful, fun-to-make, rain sticks. This is a nice way...

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  6. Fossil Casts - Dinosaur Art Project

    Fossil Casts - Dinosaur Art Project

    This is very different than other uses for Mod Podge. Today you can use this craft with your little ones to create Dinosaur fossils!

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  7. Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    This is a wonderful craft to teach your kids about traditions and celebrations for Chinese New Years. They will have fun creating these puppets while...

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  8. Homemade Guitar

    Homemade Guitar

    We are a musical family and our daughter loves playing the "air guitar" so we decided to make a homemade one that she could really...

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  9. Magic Marker Color Experiment

    Magic Marker Color Experiment

    This is an interesting experiment--for kids and adults alike--using basic supplies. Watch how the colors slowly creep up the paper towel strips, like magic!

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  10. Paper Roll Heart Stamp

    Paper Roll Heart Stamp

    Replacing a paint brush with a paper roll and experimenting with shapes was such fun. We decided to create hearts for Valentine's day on this...

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  11. Rock Star Microphone

    Rock Star Microphone

    This microphone was the start to hours of imaginative play for us. I loved seeing my daughter turn into quite the performer right before my...

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  12. Paper Roll Gift Boxes

    Paper Roll Gift Boxes

    You can hardly tell that our fancy little gift boxes were actually holding toilet paper prior to their new life! I love when we can...

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  13. Backyard Car Paint and Wash

    Backyard Car Paint and Wash

    Painting things that do not normally get painted is a lot of fun for children. Throw a car wash on top of that and you...

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  14. Clay Stamping

    Clay Stamping

    You can press clay on just about anything to create a unique, one-of-a-kind stamp. Small, flat objects like leaves or flowers are especially beautiful!

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  15. Starburst Symmetry

    Starburst Symmetry

    What do a bike wheel, a starfish, and a cake have in common? They all have a special kind of symmetry – a symmetry in...

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