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  1. A little textured fun... with glue!

    A little textured fun... with glue!

    Hand your kidlets a bottle of glue and let them have a go at it. Draw pictures or swirly designs, it is totally up to...

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  2. Butterfly Print

    Butterfly Print

    Butterflies are so beautiful and I wanted to capture that in some artwork with my daughter. This painting was a lot of fun for her...

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  3. Know My Shapes

    Know My Shapes

    Because of all of the easily recognized colors, shapes and lines, this craft connects quickly with them and their shorter attention span. It is immediate...

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  4. How to Make a Color Wheel Gecko

    How to Make a Color Wheel Gecko

    For this project your little ones make a color wheel that becomes the basis for a fun interactive painting. With a turn of the wheel......

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  5. Collage Tray Frames

    Collage Tray Frames

    Your little one will really enjoy making these frames, especially painting a picture to put in them!

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  6. Monster & Creature Straw Paintings

    Monster & Creature Straw Paintings

    Oh, we love to blow paint! This time we were interested to see what sort of creatures we would come up with....

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  7. Watercolor Fish

    Watercolor Fish

    I love the way my daughter draws her fish. I had to capture it on one of her beautiful watercolor abstracts. They turned into the...

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  8. Hanging Rainbow

    Hanging Rainbow

    Who doesn't love a rainbow? I guess it must be all the happy colors together in one place. For St Patrick's Day every year we...

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  9. Gratitude Box

    Gratitude Box

    In preparation for this Thanksgiving, I thought I would try a new project from Meri Cherry to share with my loved ones...

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  10. Watercolor Bookmarks

    Watercolor Bookmarks

    Bookmarks are a great way to make reading fun and also make a wonderful homemade gift for friends.

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  11. Watercolor Resist Painting

    Watercolor Resist Painting

    Inevitably, the afternoon lull arrives. It usually comes around the time my son would nap when he was younger. But since "big boys" clearly can't...

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  12. Fingerprint Clovers

    Fingerprint Clovers

    A quick & fun little activity to turn your little one's fingerprints into little clovers to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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  13. Paper Lanterns!

    Paper Lanterns!

    Paper lanterns are pretty economical and can be purchased online or found in craft stores in a variety of shapes. This is such a fun...

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  14. R is for Rain

    R is for Rain

    If your kids love to water color, have them create these fun, educational water color letters while you talk to them about where rain...

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  15. Hidden Message

    Hidden Message

    Sometimes my daughter and I like to pretend we are secret agents. So, I decided to made a hidden message for her to reveal!

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