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  1. Scented Wax Gift Tags

    Scented Wax Gift Tags

    Our house smelled so beautiful as we dipped gift tags into the rose smelling wax! What a wonderful accent to add to a gift for...

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  2. Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo

    Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo

    This is one of those simple projects that can really take up so much time just letting your kid be in...

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  3. Candle Art Transfer

    Candle Art Transfer

    Every time your mom goes to light this candle, she'll think of you thanks to the do-it-yourself candle art. You can transform...

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  4. Fireworks!


    This is a fun, colorful, creative craft to really spark up your kids enthusiasm for the 4th of July! Have fun!

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  5. Apple Print

    Apple Print

    Fun with apples? Yes. Your child will have so much fun making art prints using painted fruit. A very easy, playful, and creative way for...

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  6. Sponge Flowers

    Sponge Flowers

    Inspired by Yves Klein was a famous modern artist that will give your child a heighten sense of art appreciation by creating flowers out of...

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  7. Cardboard Tube Kazoo

    Cardboard Tube Kazoo

    Here comes the marching band! Use items around the house to make a kazoo.

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  8. Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo

    Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo

    We have been into making music for the past few weeks at our house so we decided to add to our growing collection of instruments...

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  9. Stained Glass Art

    Stained Glass Art

    Make your own beautiful stained glass art in just a few easy steps.

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  10. Hand-Shaped Dish

    Hand-Shaped Dish

    Kids grow up so fast. In just a few years their hands will be from itty bitty to nearly rivaling your own!!...

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  11. Hot Cocoa Spoons

    Hot Cocoa Spoons

    Chocolate is a household staple in our home, particularly during the holiday season. As a special treat for my family, I decided...

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  12. Homemade Dough Gift Tags

    Homemade Dough Gift Tags

    I wanted to get my entire family involved with personalized gift giving! So I created these nature-inspired dough gift tags with an...

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  13. Melted Crayon Suncatchers

    Melted Crayon Suncatchers

    On those hot summer days where it feels like you can't find any relief from the heat,...

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  14. Clay Fortune Cookies

    Clay Fortune Cookies

    No Chinese take-out meal is complete without fortune cookies. My older kid eagerly cracks open his cookie to read the fortune--eating the cookie is a...

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  15. Frozen Banana Pops

    Frozen Banana Pops

    We're always looking for healthy snacks around here! Right now, my toddler is obsessed with "pops" (lollipops) so I thought we would use his...

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