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  1. Easy Stitch Cards

    Easy Stitch Cards

    These easy to make stitch cards are perfect for keeping little hands busy. They are the perfect way to beat the "I'm bored" blues!...

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  2. Felt Crown

    Felt Crown

    At our house, costumes aren't just for Halloween. My kids love thinking up fantastical adventures and, when we make costumes, we want them to last...

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  3. Paper Cone Tree Ornaments

    Paper Cone Tree Ornaments

     These sweet paper cone tree ornaments are super easy to make, and you only need a few basic supplies!

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  4. Sea Creature Banner

    Sea Creature Banner

    To celebrate summer and sunshine, create a sea creatures banner to hang up and enjoy! You can get a little joy...

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  5. Charlotte's Web Weavings!

    Charlotte's Web Weavings!

    In honor of E.B. White's Birthday, (author of Charlotte's Web) why not create some spider webs with your kiddos. Make spider web weavings and watch...

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  6. Glue Batik Father's Day Banner

    Glue Batik Father's Day Banner

    Make Father’s Day garden banners to celebrate Daddy and Grandpa!

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  7. Picasso Collage

    Picasso Collage

    It's never too early to expose your little ones to the world of art! This craft was inspired by... you guessed it... Picasso!

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  8. Colorful Dreamcatchers

    Colorful Dreamcatchers

    Your wee ones will have a ball making these dream-catchers! They are bright, fun to make, and make beautiful decorations for your home. Now that's...

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  9. Ruffled Knit Scarf Using Mesh Yarn...Knit By A Ten Year Old!

    Ruffled Knit Scarf Using Mesh Yarn...Knit By A Ten Year Old!

    Your child will only need one ball of yarn to make a beautiful scarf! It's a perfect, economical craft for making gifts for almost...

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  10. Finger Knitting Braided Scarf Winter Craft For Kids

    Finger Knitting Braided Scarf Winter Craft For Kids

    Ta da! At long last here is a great way to use those ropes of finger knitting - a fun finger knit braided scarf! A...

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  11. Beaded Wind Chimes

    Beaded Wind Chimes

    Create a pretty wind chime/mobile with your child. This is a great craft to develop motor skills and it will bring some more color and...

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  12. Hanging Sculptures

    Hanging Sculptures

    Your children will have such a good time creating these colorful, fun to make, handmade mobiles! They are also great for parties and make very...

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  13. Tissue Paper Pumpkins

    Tissue Paper Pumpkins

    This is a perfect activity to keep little hands busy for a good 45 minutes. They will really take their time precisely placing all the...

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  14. Weave In the Sun: How to Make a “God’s Eye” Sun

    Weave In the Sun: How to Make a “God’s Eye” Sun

    Welcome the reign of the sun with this modified "God’s Eye" or Ojo de Dios. A "God’s Eye" is a weaving done with yarn on...

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  15. Dress Me Up!

    Dress Me Up!

    This craft is so fun and easy to make with toddlers. They get to create their own doll art while using their fine motor skills...

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